Buffalo nickels were produced from 1913 to 1938. Nowadays, you deserve to determine Buffalo nickel value just by mintmark, the minting date, and its condition. Because these coins are relatively rare, even a heavily worn coin is precious well over face value if it has a readable date.

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James Earle Fraser design the Buffalo (Indian Head) nickel. Its obverse had a aboriginal American rustic design, and also the reverse was v an American Buffalo. The united state Mint featured the first Buffalo nickel variety standing on dirt, through a ‘5 cents’ denomination placed on the top.

Unfortunately, such a architecture flaw caused the denomination come wear turn off prematurely, so it was readjusted in 1913. New coins obtained a denomination recessed below their rim.

The united state mint developed 71 regular-issue Buffalo nickels at three areas so that you can uncover three different mint marks:

Philadelphia without a mint markSan Francisco v S mint markDenver through D mint mark

Since Buffalo nickels don’t contain valuable metals, your value has been reasonably stable over number of years.

Determine Buffalo Nickel Value


Once you want to recognize Buffalo nickel value, you need to pass through 3 steps, including:

Determining date and also mintmark – it is an essential to situate the mintmark and also identify the minting date prior to checking the worth chart.

Grading condition – The coin problem will significantly affect its value. You have the right to use images, inspect YouTube videos, and also detailed descriptions to determine the almost right coin grade. However, only an experienced can provide you the actual value.

Special qualities – many collectors appreciate varieties, so friend should check your coin and try to identify the many appreciated qualities. Save in psychic that some of them can substantially increase the coin price.

Besides 71 regular-issue Buffalo nickels, the us Mint developed seven proofs and numerous varieties. Most of them tho exist, and also they are rarely too expensive. Top top the various other hand, coins in uncirculated multiple sclerosis 64 and MS 65 problems can it is in costly and are frequently rare.

Rare Buffalo Nickel Value


Rare Buffalo nickels, varieties (special or error coins somehow various from other coins produced the same year), or those with crucial dates (coins through a short mintage) are extremely valuable. In most cases, collectors are ready to spend vast amounts that money to obtain hold of them.

Rare Buffalo nickel worth from 1913 to 1938 by COIN HelpU

1914/1913 over date1916 double die obverse1918 D 8/7 end date1935 twin die reverse1936 D 3 ½ legs1937 D 3 legs
Very good$283$6,420$1,624$67$1,175$528
Very fine$652$13,512$5,066$301$1,710$646
Extra fine$764$20,843$7,474$580$3,334$779
About uncirculated$1,494$30,331$17,393$1,667$4,504$1,214
MS 63$3,737$160,000$44,319$5,462/$5,246
MS 65$18,400/$224,250$25,300/$32,631

Be careful since you have the right to often discover these coins counterfeit or altered. Therefore, it is crucial to have it tested.

Proof Buffalo Nickels

Believe it or not, you can discover only seven proof Buffalo nickels. Proof coins space those specially created archival functions or check matrices. They have sharp details through a distinctive brilliant surface.

Proof 63 Buffalo nickels value

Proof, selection I1913$1,350
Proof, variety II1913$1,000

Keep in mind the the hatchet ‘proof’ doesn’t show the coin condition but the means of their manufacturing or manufacturing. Poof Buffalo nickels in an mean Proof 63 great are extremely collectible, so it is precious making an effort to uncover one.

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As you have the right to see, typical Buffalo nickel price will variety only a few dollars. Top top the various other hand, uncirculated coins with key dates have the right to grade countless dollars. If you uncover one the those nickels, that is time to research and check even if it is you room the happy one.