To this day, the Lincoln penny has an very small, almost negligible, challenge value. In spite of this, the Lincoln pennies the were produced in 1928 are worth far much more than their confront value. The reason for this is the period of the coin, the problem they space in, and also the historical significance. Once you variable in this items, the is basic to know why 1928 Lincoln pennies are a must-have for many every collector.

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On the obverse next of the 1928 Lincoln friend will check out the profile picture of previous President Abraham Lincoln. His image is shown in detail and is increased from the challenge of the coin. The President’s left is a raised inscription which reads “Liberty,” when the 1928 year of minting is listed to his right. Arching overtop will be a raised inscription which reads “In God us Trust.”

The coin’s reverse is conquered in the center by a raised inscription marking the “One Cent” confront value the the coin. Additionally in the center is an additional inscription i m sorry reads “United claims of America.” come the left and to the right of the main inscriptions will be two stalks that wheat, one on either side. These wheat stalks are just how the Lincoln penny was nicknamed the “Wheat Penny.” Finally, the Latin, and also classically American, phrase “E Pluribus Unum” arches over the top outer edge.

Grading the 1928 Lincoln Penny

Being that these coins were produced all the means back in 1928, their condition is variable. Together such, collectors effort to obtain their hand on coins that have been well-preserved v the years. V that gift said, also those coins that display their age are still fairly desirable. Regardless of their condition, many collector-worthy 1928 Lincoln pennies will certainly be graded. Below is a grouping of the different grades as well as what they mean for the Lincoln penny’s condition.

Uncirculated: If a 1928 Lincoln penny is graded as being Uncirculated, this way that the coin never exchanged hands and, together a result, avoided the wear and tear commonly linked with pennies. Uncirculated Lincolns are the finest of the best and their condition exemplifies the perfectly. Though the coin’s shade might have actually faded as result of age, that imagery and also inscriptions room perfectly intact.

Extremely Fine: A coin the receives very Fine grade is one that could have a small scratch or various other minor imperfection, but will still appear to be mostly flawless. Come the naked eye the imperfections top top this coin might be almost impossible to pick out, however upon closer inspection the minor flaws will be able to be noticed.

Fine: A good grade is the grade offered to coins who have seen a great bit the damage, however not so much that your imagery and also lettering is compromised. Though you will certainly definitely be able to tell the the coin exchanged hands for an extended period of time, the coin will have avoided major wear and also tear.

Good: A graded coin receiving a great grade is one that remained in circulation because that an extended duration of time. These coins will certainly accurately show their age via scratching and far-reaching smoothing. Also in poor condition, these pennies are highly desirable and a perfect addition to any collection.

Pricing the 1928 Lincoln Penny

As because that the worth of a 1928 Lincoln penny, this is something that deserve to be established by evaluating the problem of the coin and also the type. Many years saw approximately 3 different species of Lincoln pennies minted, and the exact form you have actually will help determine the value. Below is a chart the will assist you recognize the value of a 1928 Lincoln offered its grade and also type.

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Lincoln Pennies

1928 Lincoln Penny$0.20$0.30$2$3
1928 Lincoln coin (D)$0.75$1.75$5.50$17
1928 Lincoln coin (S)$1$2.75$9.50$30
Source: Red Book

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