If ever there to be a numismatic topic the receives small coverage, that the 1980 Susan B. Anthony Dollar. What provides the 1980 Susan B. Anthony Dollars therefore special? Well, as countless numismatists possibly believe, most likely nothing much at all. The Susan B. Anthony Dollar collection itself sees little airtime together it is… The maligned coin was beleaguered through the similarity in that size and shape to the 4 minutes 1 dollar, with plenty of confusing the Susan B. Anthony dissension – the very first circulating United says coin to lug the likeness of one actual mrs – v the Washington Quarter. And also much for that reason, the public widely shunned the “Susie B.,” a coin an initial issued in 1979 and also designed by frank Gasparro that honors the iconic woman’s suffrage leader who rose to prestige in the latter fifty percent of the 19th century.

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So, why focus on the 1980 Susan B. Anthony Dollar? Perhaps because it’s a coin that, individually, is around as overlooked as a modern-day coin have the right to be. For one, the 1980 Susan B. Anthony Dollars belonging to one of the shortest-lived U.S. Coin series, produced only from 1979 with 1981 and also then once more in 1999. What’s more, the 1980 Susan B. Anthony Dollar was struck throughout one of the numismatically “least interesting” years because that the series; several ranges are extensively cataloged because that the 1979 and also 1981 Dollars, and also the 1999 Susan B. Anthony dissension is a spectacle in its own right – struck a generation after ~ its most previous predecessor rolled off the presses.

But 1980? Is there anything yes, really special around the 1980 Susan B. Anthony Dollar? Sure, if you destruction deep enough…

Torn in between Two Dollars

Following a collection of disappointing setbacks in gaining the windy to embrace the brand-new Susan B. Anthony dissension in the loss of 1979, the United says Mint tried, do the efforts again in 1980 to get the publicly excited about the brand-new mini-dollar. Surely, the public had actually plenty come dislike about the Susan B. Anthony dissension in 1980. Think back for a moment…

The stagflation period that kicked off in the 1970s was, unfortunately, still alive and also well in ~ the beginning of the ‘80s. Come some, a shrunken disagreement coin – one lot smaller and lighter than the bigger “silver dollars” that involved an end with the last Eisenhower Dollars the 1978 – appeared a perfect an allegory for the runaway inflation the symbolized the United states economic photo of the disco era. Countless panned the Susie B. Together “The Carter Quarter” or the “J.C. Penny,” both pejoratives tying the coin signed into law by chairman Jimmy Carter in 1978 come the destructive inflation that marred his one-term presidency.


The small-size dissension coin all however failed come circulate native day one of its release in July 1979. So, acquiring the public to suddenly embrace the Susan B. Anthony Dollar proved an uphill battle for the U.S. Mint in months later on in 1980. The United states Mint launched its “Anthony dissension Circulation Campaign” in July 1980, giving media kits, brochures, posters, and also other comfortable information around the many benefits of using the Susie B. Rather of the dollar bill. However this marketing campaigned can not budge public opinion. The majority of Americans plainly preferred using the urgent dollar end the disagreement coin.

Susie B. Just Couldn’t Be

Hundreds of numerous 1979-dated Susan B. Anthony Dollars still stayed in warehouse by the holiday season the 1980. The U.S. Mint and United claims Treasury officials had resigned themselves to the fact that the general public unequivocally rubbish the Susan B. Anthony Dollar, and also mintage comparisons because that 1979 and 1980 reflect this. When 757,813,744 circulation strikes to be cumulatively created by the Philadelphia, Denver, and also San Francisco Mints in 1979, just 89,660,708 were struck in 1980. The U.S. Mint limited its 1981 operation of Susan B. Anthony Dollars to only numismatic instances for proof Sets and also Uncirculated Sets, v the rest of the business-strike examples remaining in storage because that years come come.

The Susan B. Anthony Dollar appreciated a short curtain call in 1999 when a limited run was developed to satisfy farming demand because that the little dollar, i beg your pardon in the late 1980s and early ‘90s had become popular as readjust on the vending device and mass transit circuits. In 2000, the equally unsuccessful Sacagawea Dollar brought a permanent end to the Susan B. Anthony Dollar.

Though the Susan B. Anthony Dollar never lived approximately the U.S. Government’s initial hopes and expectations, it seems that the nation’s only copper-nickel clad small-size dollar has delighted in a minor surge in numismatic popular in current years. Countless collectors who grew up through the Susan B. Anthony disagreement in the so late 1970s and early ‘80s are becoming increasingly nostalgic for the coin and are collecting them together middle-aged adults. And the rewildtv.com set Registry right now offers at least a fifty percent dozen sets committed to the series.


Collecting the SBA Dollar

The 1980 Susan B. Anthony Dollars – produced at a time as soon as the U.S. Mint amped up its marketing efforts ever more for the Susie B. – pose some decent difficulties for the growing variety of collectors who pursue these coins. It should be stated that, while no widely recognized or collected, over there is a rare 1980-S proof Repunched Mintmark variety listed by coin experienced Q. David Bowers. Meanwhile, numismatic author Walter Breen reported the presence of a 1980-S Dollar v “Old-Type S” mintmark “from a die made in fall 1979 during the adjust to a brand-new mintmark punch.”

Otherwise, every 1980 Susan B. Anthony Dollars are usual up come MS66, though they are exceedingly scarce in MS67 exceedingly rarely in MS68. In other words, Superb Gem business-strike SBA Dollars are exactly the form of exciting conditional rarities that deep-pocketed rewildtv.com collection Registry members love!

The 1980-P Susan B. Anthony dissension presently has just 130 examples graded through rewildtv.com as MS67, just one in MS67+, and also a mere 3 in MS68, v none higher. Sales numbers are scarce for the rewildtv.com MS68 specimens, despite one instance took $1,528 in a 2017 heritage Auctions event. The tough rewildtv.com MS67 specimens trade for roughly $100 apiece, according to rewildtv.com CoinFacts. The 1980-D provides no rewildtv.com-graded specimens in MS68. The highest grade completed by this worry is MS67, because that which over there are around 300 examples in rewildtv.com holders, and also these are worth about $300 apiece.


It’s a similar story because that the 1980-S organization strike, yielding a ideal grade the rewildtv.com MS67 and also approximately 80 specimens at that level; those instances retail for $325. The 1980-S Proofs space characteristically well struck with clean surfaces and all exhibition Deep Cameo contrast – a frosty impact on the devices that the U.S. Mint had perfected on all its proof coins by the so late 1970s. The 1980-S proof Susan B. Anthony Dollars are common up come PR70DCAM, and these specimens trade for $55.

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