Specialty Yu-Gi-Oh! cards deserve to be expensive and run in the countless dollars, like Doomcaliber Knight, worth about $700, and also the an initial Japanese promo variation of Dark Magician Girl, i beg your pardon could collection you back about $1,100, yet they don’t come close come the price the one particular card right now on the market.

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Card Shop Spiral specialty store of Tokyo is offering a card dubbed Blue-Eyes ultimate Dragon for a lining 45 million yen ($406,800).

The card is a among a kind, i m sorry is why it’s being available up at together a staggering price. It was a prize for an eastern Championship Series, and likewise comes through a signboard that has a signature native Kazuki Takahashi, the initial creator the Yu-Gi-Oh! As discussed on Reddit, to exclude, cards as prizes because that these tournaments have remained in place due to the fact that they began in 1999. The cards act as a trophy for competition winners and also other high-scoring players, come in unique packaging, and also can be illegal to actually use in future tournaments because of their scarcity, making it near difficult for various other players to procure them. The ahead owner that the card originally attempted to offer (apparently as a joke) for 99.9 exchange rate yen ($894,960,000) but shockingly, there to be no bidders. So, currently it have the right to be had for approximately $400,000 — a steep discount!

【青眼の究極竜 T3-01入手‼︎】正真正銘のアジアチャンピオンシップ優勝賞品版です‼︎大会賞品のみ“特注ケース”に密封されており、ケース入りは世界に1点しか存在しません‼︎高橋和希氏のサイン有999億円で提供可能 pic.twitter.com/pkJJsTlcvS

— はっさく- TCG垢 (

Blue-Eyes can be fried Dragon is not even the many expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! card ever listed. In 1999, the winner that the very very first Yu-Gi-Oh tournament held in Japan was offered a one-of-a-kind black Luster Soldier map made of stainless steel. The was provided online because that a lining 998,000,000 yen (around $10 million), yet it supposedly sold for closer come $2 million, do it one of the most an important trading cards of every time. The highest documented sale because that a solitary Yu-Gi-Oh! card drops quite short of every these numbers — $9,000 for Armament the the Lethal Lords, given to the winners the the civilization Championship collection in 2006.

For $400,000 you could buy a private island, acquire yourself a pretty house, to buy a pair of quad calibrated turntables, or... Nab this Blue-Eyes can be fried Dragon card. Whatever makes girlfriend happy. Perform you.

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