Rick Rubin network Worth: Rick Rubin is one American record producer who has a network worth the $250 million. The is best known because that being the former co-president the Columbia Records and the co-founder of Def Jam Recordings, v Russell Simmons. He is taken into consideration one the the ideal record producers in American music today and also has functioned with several of the most renowned artists in history.

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Early Life and also Career Beginnings: Frederick Jay Rubin was born in lengthy Beach, new York, on march 10, 1963. He was increased in Lido Beach, brand-new York, by parental Michael and also Linda. While he was a college student at lengthy Beach High School, he began playing in a band with some friends, and eventually a teacher aided him start the punk tape The Pricks.

Using his school"s four-track recorder, Rubin established Def Jam documents his an elderly year. He also formed the punk band Hose, and one the the band"s tracks came to be Def Jam"s an initial release in 1982. Water tap was energetic in the new York City punk scene, and also even toured roughly the Midwest and also California. Castle played through hardcore bands such as Meat Puppets, Hüsker Dü, one Jerks, Butthole Surfers and also Minor Threat. Rubin began becoming much more interested in the hip-hop step in brand-new York City, and also the band broke up in 1984.

Rubin befriended DJ Jazzy Jay indigenous Zulu Nation, and started learning about hip-hop production. Together, they created the track "It"s Yours" because that T La Rock, released through Def Jam. Jazzy Jay presented Rubin to Russell Simmons, the concert promoter/artist manager, and they exit JJ Cool J"s "I require a Beat" together.

Def Jam Records: The official incarnation of Def Jam records was developed while Rubin attended new York university in 1984, with Rubin and also Simmons both on board through the label. Rubin ventured past The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Harlem, to scout and also find rappers in locations and also places prefer Queens, Staten Island and also Long Island. This search led to Rubin signing the hip-hop group Public Enemy. Various other acts connected with Rubin incorporate the Beastie Boys; he helped steer them far from their initial punk sound and into rap. Rubin also successfully created for Run-DMC. The sound characterizing his production work from this period is a fusion of rap and also heavy rock. This is perhaps ideal reflected in the 1986 collaboration in between Run-DMC and also Aerosmith, "Walk This Way." That record not only assisted introduce the rap hard rock genre to brand-new listeners and a more comprehensive audience, but is credited with having actually helped revive Aerosmith"s career.

Rubin switched easily in between rap and also rock music, and also his an initial metal tape partnership was with the band Slayer, producing their album "Reign in Blood" (1986). Other remarkable projects he worked on indigenous this duration include "Electric" (1987), the Cult"s 3rd album, developed by Rubin; and "Tougher 보다 Leather" (1988), a Run-DMC film directed and also co-written by Rubin.

Def American / American Recordings: However, Rubin and also Simmons separation in 1988 ~ Rubin dropped out with Def Jam"s chairman at the time, Lyor Cohen. When Simmons continued to be in brand-new York through Def Jam, Rubin relocated to Los Angeles, whereby he began Def American Records. He ongoing to occupational with rap acts choose Public Enemy, LL Cool J and Run DMC, but his operated from this period mainly focused on the category of rock and metal. He signed the rock acts Danzig, master of Reality, The four Horsemen, Wolfsbane and The Jesus and Mary Chain. After finding out that the word "def" had been accepted into the dictionary, he held a funeral for the word, mourning the passing right into the mainstream. He climate renamed his new label from Def American Recordings, to now simply American Recordings. American Recordings" first project to be Jonny Cash"s album "American Recordings" (1994), and also Cash"s next five albums were all released through the brand as well. Cash"s 2003 album "The male Comes Around" also won a 2003 Grammy for best Male nation Vocal Performance, through a nomination for best Country teamwork with Vocals.

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Rick Rubin

Net Worth:$250 Million
Date of Birth:Mar 10, 1963 (58 year old)
Height:5 ft 11 in (1.82 m)
Profession:Record producer, key-board Player, Singer, Rapper
Nationality:United claims of America

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