I"ve completed both Jack and Miranda"s commitment quests. Lock then have actually this scripted argument, and also without the suitable paragon/renegade you need to basically choose a side and the various other one gets mad at you and also loses her loyalty.

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Can you speak to either of them at a later time and get the person back to being faithful or room you grounding after this scripted event?



Like raznagul currently pointed out, you have the right to regain their loyalty later.

But friend can likewise resolve the problem without picking sides if girlfriend have sufficient paragon points. (Maybe renegade clues work, too, however I didn"t have actually that at the moment of mine playthrough.)

It likewise says so on the Mass effect wikia:

Shepard have the right to resolve the dispute without picking a side, in i m sorry case, both Jack and also Miranda agree to placed off your fight until after the mission v the Collectors is over.


You have the right to later reclaim their loyalty.



Upgrade your soldier capability to Shock Trooper ASAP. This provides you +100% paragon/renegade. Climate charm the human who is angry v you. Ns sided through Miranda climate upgraded come Shock Trooper and also I had the ability to charm Jack come win ago loyalty.


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