The scooter ns am thinking of getting is a 50cc scooter. It"s the MC-X08 from It says it has actually a 200 lb limit... I sweet 280 pounds. I deserve to not obtain a motorcycle proof or pay above 750 dollars for a scooter for this reason this is my finest bet. Would I put any serious strain on the scooter? What if I endless it? Also, let me recognize if any type of of y"all have this scooter or any scooters from the 450-700 disagreement price limit ;D

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Just don"t walk over any large bumps! ns can"t believe that the max load is 200lbs, ns think mine is 300lbs and it looks very comparable to yours. I would certainly say that you would certainly be fine. In any type of case, the much more weight you put on the scooter the more tough the engine needs to run and also the an ext stress you placed on the shocks, so simply keep that in psychic anyways.
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One point to store in mind is, most 50cc"s only have the mono-shock in the rear. That"s quite a pack to location on 1 shock. Please ..... No trying to be abusive or rude, however 280lb ~ above a little diameter shock is questioning for problems.
This guy has a lot more than 280 on his mono shock 50. His engine mountain bushings more than likely won"t critical long yet it appears to be holding increase the weight. He stated it"s a share shock.
Search your regional Craigslist postings for a supplied Yamaha Zuma 50 . . 315 lb maximum pack per web page 1-2 of this PDF manual.
i have actually a 150 and also never been messed with by the cops and also i never ever do dum ingredient to gain pulled. Girlfriend can discover a quite scoot for your price variety on craigslist
It"s not the shock.It"s the plastic seat bucket. Seriously. The shock have the right to take the weight just fine. The plastics approximately the chair will begin to buckle. There room 4 bolts on the bottom the take the weight of the whole seat (and YOU). If the architecture is level it will certainly hold more weight than if the design is two little "lifters" that prolong down come the frame. Much more space to gain to the carb yet the plastic extensions don"t take it the weight that a flat bottomed chair bucket would.Only uses to the Sunny format as pictured, as different scooters have different designs.Greg

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