FORMER NFL possibility Reggie Youngblood has been married to reality tv star Tami Roman due to the fact that 2018.

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They covertly wed in las Vegas.


Tami Roman and also Reggie Youngblood appear on October 10, 2019 in West HollywoodCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

Who is Tami Roman's husband?

Reggie Youngblood is a former NFL positive who is married come Basketball Wives star Tami Roman.

Roman is the former wife of retirement basketball player Kenny Anderson and the mommy of 2 children.

Roman and Youngblood secretly were married in las Vegas in 2018, follow to E!.

"Tami must figure out just how to make amends as soon as Reggie's duty in her life intimidates her bond with her daughters," reads Tami's bio because that Basketball Wives.


Youngblood in 2019Credit: Getty images - Getty

"And when her ex is stricken through a life-threatening stroke, Tami is required to challenge her own health and wellness issues."

Tami, in ~ 50, is 17 years older 보다 Youngblood.

What is Basketball Wives?

Basketball Wives is a long-running truth tv show that airs ~ above VH1.

The display follows the "drama-filled parties and outrageous fights" that unfold in between the wives, ex-wives, and girlfriends the pro basketball players.


Tami RomanCredit: Getty photos - Getty

She told page Six the the coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on the show.

“Do not get excited around fashion moment this season, due to the fact that we started filming tho in the pandemic in a mansion, and you will be lucky to get some concealer,” she said the outlet.

“It certainly is competitive with the females - it’s an unspoken competitiveness with our fashion and style.

"But i think I have tapped out since I’m not going to be naked and also showing skin.”

She added: “You will watch all herbal hair. Ns mean, you get to check out some ladies with weaves and some lace fronts, yet with me, you’re gaining a good old ponytail of my very own hair.

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"Girls there will certainly wear some lace fronts and also wigs, however none of them to be pulled off.

“That’s why i don’t wear them, because it might get snatched off and also you’re no going to have actually me top top TV looking crazy.”


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