You must learn exactly how to change steering on zero turn mower ifyou’re dealing with the adhering to hiccups.

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It won’t stay straight and also tends to traction left (or right) as soon as driving forward.It often jerks/spins once turning.The zero revolve no longer reverses evenly.

In general, most of the adjustments spanned in this article use to all the usual models: Husqvarna, MTD, Cub Cadet, trojan bilt, and also Toro zero-turn mowers.

I don’t desire to save you waiting so stop dive best in.

How to readjust steering on zero turn mower: step by step overview

For every brands, run the basics before proceeding toimplement the significant adjustments.

Basic procedures

Here is what friend should examine right off the bat:

1. Measure the tires pressure

Tire push affects mower tracking for this reason it’s critical for the machine to have actually the recommended tire pressure.


Be sure to add/reduce pressure to attain needed PSI units.

2. Inspect tracking

If her unit won’t monitor straight, boost the tirepressure top top the drive wheel however on the side, the mower move toward.

Note: be carefulnot to exceed the maximum tires pressure presented on tires sidewall together this mightcompromise your handling, especially when mowing ~ above wet/slippery terrain.

Now, if increasing the tire pressure does not rectifytracking, relocate on to the adjustments ns explain listed below (You only require a wrench tocomplete a bulk of them).


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Increase/decrease drive wheel speed

You see, the factor why the mower might be veering towardsone direction is the the journey wheel top top one side is turning slower than its ‘partner’.

Hence, to correct the issue, it’s one of two people you slow-moving down the fasterwheel or speed up the slow-moving wheel.

So, how do we do this?

Again that nothing complicated in numerous models.

Here are the steps:

1. Recognize the method your mower turns (left/right).

2. Ease the nut (it have the right to either it is in a jam or typical nut)on the unit’s adjustment bolt.

3. Change the speed by either:

Turning the mediate bolt clockwise- this willdecrease the steering bar travel.Turning the convey bolt counterclockwise-this will boost the steering lever travel.

4. Retighten the nut.

If you regulate the steering bar travel as described, yourunit must stop transforming to the right/left as soon as you press both steering leversforward.

Align steering levers

It’s additionally a good idea to work on the steering levers as youtry come rein in top top the aer steering.

For the many part, adjusting the steering requires that youloosen the two arms climate align castle to perfect position.

The adjustment need to be make in the stimulate described listed below ifit’s your first time to execute this.


1. Change the Steering lever HeightRemove the hardware securing the handlebar tothe upper manage arm.Move the handlebar up/down come align the mountingholes with the wanted adjusting holes.Reinstall and also retighten the hardware.2. Change the steering bar widthTurn your fist to the lower manage arm andstart by loosening the hardware situated at the base.Locate the eccentric spacer and loosen the nuton the hex bolt sustaining the eccentric spacer. Change the spacer (just rotate) appropriately forboth arms.Tighten the hardware.

3. Follow these steps to readjust the steering leverreach (Forward or Backward).

Loosen the hardware securing the steeringcontrol to the upper manage arm.Rotate the steering lever eitherforward/backward to her comfort.Tighten the bolts beginning with the top bolt.

Watch this video clip for detailed instructions top top adjusting the steering levers if you own an Arien IKON X zero turn.

How to adjust steering on zero revolve mower: extr ideas

I would also like to suggest out a few other hacking that canmake girlfriend achieve precise steering.

Some that these feasible solutions may, however, need you come consult a repair center, particularly if you’re no a DIY guru.

Let us begin.

· change the unit’s former axle pivot

In part cases, the difficulty won’t go away also after tryingall the above suggestions and also you have to think exterior the box.

Your very first destination should be the zero revolve mower frontaxle…

Of course, you should be sure that it needs replacement beforeperforming this action and the clearest sign is the front wheel pointingoutward-you nothing expect precise steering under such conditions.

There’s a cost yet it could ultimately bring the relief youhave been looking for.

· inspect the tie rod

Another thing you might require to change is the stick runningin between the left-hand lever and also the left behind wheel hydrostatic drive.

This helps push the short lever more forward to createmore balance.

If the steering is tho wobbly, then consider replacing therod.

· readjust the zero turn’s wheel spindle assembly

Your steering may be suffering because of a damaged or bend wheelspindle.

The foolproof equipment is again a replacement yet you wantto establish the state of the assembly before undertaking the change.

A basic inspection will certainly disclose any kind of damage or bending.

How to change steering ~ above zero rotate mower : Bonus tips

If she still enduring a it was crooked straight, go ahead andtry these extra ideas.

Tighten the link (stretching indigenous thesteering controller) wherein it connects to the mower’s pump motor/transmission,if loose-it stops working to rotate completely affecting motion. Look because that the controlling boltthere.Examine (and change) the steering dampeners-theycause jerky activities when worn out. Finally, having identical tires (same make aswell as tread pattern) helps.

Wrapping it up

There go our basic guide on exactly how to change steering onzero revolve mower.

Naturally, details models vary in design an interpretation that theinstructions may be a tiny different.

But you do not do it fret- her owner’s hands-on is most likely tohave the relevant procedures for your model.

Having stated that, it’s finest to current your zero rotate to adealer for experienced inspection and repair if nothing works.

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In fact, some manufacturers discourage consumer from adjusting reverse travel so contact your dealer if your zero revolve tracks excessively ideal or left in reverse.