I"ve completed the theif Guild key questline (Darkness Returns) and also chosen my unique power (Shadowcloak that Nocturnal). It states completed in my pursuit log.

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I additionally completed the extra tasks in every city girlfriend can offer Thieves guild affect to (Markarth, Whiterun, Windhelm, and Solitude) and also done their special work from Delvin. They display completed in my search log. I"ve even done at least one that each kind of task from Vex and also Delvin (but not in every city).

I got 4 merchants in the Ragged Flagon and have done the pursuit for Tonilia (delivering the Moon street to a caravan) and also Vekel (getting the 4 books). I"ve additionally upgrade one of my pieces of thef Armor.

I talk to Brynjolf to become guild master and also I acquire no dialogue choices but he simply says he"s busy and also we"ll talk another time. There is a guild chest in former of his desk however it"s locked and I don"t have the key.

What am ns missing? Is there some pest I"ve encountered?

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It seems without doubt that there is a an insect related come thieves guild leadership:

If the player completes the key story arc prior to doing the side and improvement quests for Vex and also Delvin, Brynjolf may not communicate with the player and instead repeat the he is busy and that he will talk come you later. Consequently, ending up being the Guildmaster will be calculation impossible. This might be a component of a bug where Karliah disappears and also does not show up in either the Nightingale hall or the Twilight Sepulcher. She does, however, go back to the eye Veil Sanctum where you first encounter her.

Possible Fix:

Run exterior when finishing your an initial interaction through Brynjolf. You have to run outside as quick as possible by going come the ladder and exiting. You should see the search update pop up reading: "Started Under new Management". Afterward, go earlier inside and proceed to Brynjolf. To talk to Brynjolf, allow him walk to the middle of the Cistern first, and also wait. The then must start talk to you, finishing the quest. If this does not settle the issue, it may be worth it to shot attacking them, payment the reparations, and also trying again.

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Another possible fix is to obtain the quest about fixing blame from the guy at the Riften stables. The player will be called to speak to Sapphire. Instead, Sapphire have to be sitting on the bridge simply inside Riften and when approached will certainly say "I don"t have any business through you." or "We"ll talk after the ceremony." strike her 3 times, and also this should reason her to start attacking the player notifying them the "Under new Management" has actually been completed and also that the player have to talk to Brynjolf. Upon entering The Ragged Flagon, the player will be required to salary 1000 yellow to Vex as reparations for killing a other Thieves Guild member. After doing so, speak through Brynjolf and also the questline should be completed.