Xbox 360 video game error key is unreadable is one error that commonly occurs as soon as you shot to beat a gamings on demand game on your device. That may take place when you room not making use of the same profile you supplied to acquisition the game, or the console can’t read the video game on the bowl or tough drive.

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InahStaffAsked ~ above February 14, 2018 inXbox.

Solution 1. Clean the disc

Your disc might be an unreadable led to “Xbox 360 video game error the bowl is unreadable.” The cause of the error might be your game disc. The disc could be dusty or deep scratch. Shot to clean the disc v isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth. Rub it and air dry it prior to using. The deep scratch, you may want to change it.

Also, the cause might be, you’re running a disc that is not sustained by your Xbox 360. The disc can have a different an ar code v your Xbox 360, you re welcome verify.

Gino Genesis MarasiganStaff answered on march 7, 2018.

Solution 2. Clear the device Cache

If every one of the game discs room unreadable, the Xbox 360 may have a cache concern that outcomes to “Xbox 360 game error the disc is unreadable.” The cache data could interfere with the data in the video game disc. Shot to remove the Xbox 360 cache might fix the problem, check out procedure below.

Click the Guide button on the controller.Select Memory or Storage.Highlight any of the storage, and also press Y on the controller.Select Clear device Cache.Select Yes come confirm.Turn off your Xbox 360.Unplug it because that at least three minutes.Then try playing the disc.
Gino Genesis MarasiganStaff answered on march 7, 2018.

Solution 3. Conserve the game to the hard Disk journey (HDD)

If the “Xbox 360 game error the key is unreadable” shows up during the gameplay, your the DVD ROM lens could be dusty. Shot to clean it using a CD/DVD lens cleaner. If the is currently cleaned and the error quiet exists, shot to save the video game to the Hard decaying Drive.

Gino Genesis MarasiganStaff answered on in march 7, 2018.
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