Candy crush is one overwhelmingly famous game. It is a puzzle video game with different varieties of candies, jellies, and also many various other sweets.

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Candy to like was arisen by a video clip game agency called King, which was bought by work Blizzard in 2016 for nearly $6 billion. Plenty of of her friends most likely play and share their progress on Facebook, so many of united state have currently heard of Candy Crush.

The game is cost-free to download, over there are numerous levels, and you have the right to play that anywhere and anytime. Let’s take a closer watch at how to acquire gold bars in candy Crush!


Game Objectives

Candy like Saga is a puzzle game in i m sorry the care of brightly colored candies plays the main role. Your job is to line up in ~ least three candies horizontally or vertically.

The candies climate disappear, offering you points as a reward. Law this successfully allows you to earn points, which provides access to the brand-new levels.


It is a well-structured game, yet it comes with mixed levels. These levels space both difficult and easy, although the is only feasible to have actually a solitary degree of challenge per level.

When play Candy Crush, it is crucial to no stress around time limits. If friend do, you might hit a bomb at a critical point.

This could make you completely lose the level. Simply keep cool and solve the puzzle prior to time operation out!

Fun Features

There are plenty of ways you can play candy Crush, such together Target Score, Drop under Mode, bespeak Mode, and also Timed Levels. Every day, players can be rewarded v a delicious prize. Girlfriend just need to spin the Daily Booster Wheel.

New level are included every week and come with more and an ext interesting features. You have the right to see how your girlfriend or other rivals are act by accessing Leaderboards.

You can sync candy Crush on all devices, and it deserve to be played both virtual (when linked to the internet) and offline. The latest (improved) version of the video game is dubbed Candy to like Saga, and the facebook page deserve to be uncovered here.

Age Range

The license covenant for the application requires customers to be 13 year or older. Furthermore, you must be at least 18 year old to make in-app purchases.

How come Download

You have the right to play from your PC browser or via the Facebook application on your mobile phone call (press here if you want to beat now). If you desire to have the game on her phone, you have the right to download the from the Apple keep or the Google pat Store.

This obsessively famous game has joined the ranking of the standard Solitaire and Minesweeper games. This is because Candy Crush can be found pre-installed on every editions of windows 10, including those mounted using the cost-free upgrade of an earlier version of Windows.

How to acquire Gold Bars and What to use them for

Gold bars space the virtual currency of liquid Crush Saga. Girlfriend are provided a certain amount for free, and also you have the right to purchase boosters using gold bars.

If you want to have an ext gold bars, the quickest and also easiest way is to purchase them with money. Depending on the area friend live in, a parcel of 15 gold bars costs approximately $1, or a comparable amount for an additional currency.

The an initial way you have the right to get totally free gold bars is when you add your facebook profile come the game successfully. This will help you earn 50 yellow bars instantly.

The other way is on your 7-days daily rewards program. This runs because that 7 days, providing you a various booster per day, and you can acquire one gold bar in among those days.

Furthermore, if you end up the Episode Race in 3rd location or higher, girlfriend will additionally be rewarded through gold bars. The higher your score, the much more gold bars girlfriend receive.

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Lastly, you deserve to get one more 50 gold bars if friend synchronize her progress when you start or download the game for the first time. This is true for both pc or cell phone devices.



All in all, there space not too plenty of ways to gain gold bars in candy Crush, for this reason beware of any type of scams the seem too great to be true. Make certain you pat the video game every day, and you will surely be rewarded with an excellent prizes!