So you desire to catch Kyurem, once and for all? Guess whereby it’s chillin’? ago in the Giant Chasm , whereby you combated it ~ chasing Ghetsis! You need to have first captured Zekrom or Reshiram very first from Dragonspiral Tower . When you have, it’s off to the large Chasm you go!

Either gain there by Flying come Humilau City and heading with Route 22 into Giant Chasm or, if you driven that boulder into the feet when exploring Giant Chasm , fly to Lacunosa Town and head east into Route 13 . Close to the begin of the route you’ll view a boulder in a hole.

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Provided you supplied the large Chasm’s route 13 enntrance gate earlier, getting back there should be quick.

Move over it and head north to the enntrance gate to the Chasm. Head inside. If you gotten in by Route 22 , you’ll need to head south, then west till you view a huge set that stairs leading down to a doorway. If you enter by Route 13 , you’ll start surrounding this doorway. Head down and enter it.

You’ll be the end in the woodland area where the Plasma Frigate was. Head down the stairs and also head north. When you check out some high Grass top east, follow it. You’ll appear in the clearing the the Frigate created. Make your way to the east side the the clearing.

Then head north-east with a gap, some Tall Grass then some Dark Grass. Head east to the an extremely edge of the area, up against a absent wall. Currently head north along the side. Once the path turns west, monitor it up till you reach the stairs leading as much as a cave. Relocate up them and also enter.

Head v this area that the cavern to the doorway at the end and also enter. Move through till you with Kyurem . If you desire to capture it (and why wouldn’t you?), Save your game prior to you start the battle.

That means you deserve to restart if friend accidentally do it faint, or if that ‘accidentally’ completely owns her team. If you perform defeat the though, you can constantly make it with the Elite Four once an ext and it will reappear, however it’s not recommended.

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Legendary Pokemon Battle¶


Now head ago outside and Fly come wherever you’d like and also do every little thing you’d like! You’re now complimentary to do everything Post-Game content that you want! friend can also head right into Twist Mountain from Icirrus City, but it’s encourage you access it indigenous Clay Tunnel instead.

As well together that, there’s eastern and south-eastern Unova to explore. If you great to discover eastern Unova, check out the Back at Undella Town section. If you wish to explore south-east Unova, view the Skyarrow Bridge section. Or inspect anything else that takes her fancy!