Waterbirth Island is a small circular platform, which, on the surface doesn"t appear to have anything interesting besides a bunch of Snape grass spawns and a few rock crabs. All the action is down below - Waterbirth Island has a massive dungeon packed with powerful and dangerous monsters, many of which cannot be found elsewhere. Whats so special about these monsters though, is some drop items to allow you to get special armours, new battle rings, and the elusive Dragon Axe. If you feel brave enough to tackle these monsters read on to learn what to expect.You may now teleport to this location upon completion of the Lunar Diplomacy Quest.

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2.0 - Location

To visit Waterbirth Island you must first make your way to Rellekka. To reach Rellekka from Seer"s Village, simple follow the pathway north to Sinclair mansion, but head west at the fork in the road. Head over the bridge, then north-west, past some wolves, and north from them again. Alternatively if you have completed the Fremennik Trials quest, and have an enchanted lyre you can use that to teleport to Rellekka. Then just head north-west to the western-most pier at the docks and speak with Jarvald to travel to Waterbirth Island.

After arriving at Waterbirth Island, you will be on the shore with a number of Snape Grass spawns - this is the best way for members to collect snape grass for their potions. Now head north up the path to the entrance of the dungeon. When you reach the cave entrance, click on it and tell yourself you"re not afraid of dying. You may also notice another dungeon symbol on top of a mountain, you reach that by first entering the dungeon.

When entering the dungeon, you will soon come to some barricades. These can only be bypassed by using some form of long-range attack, such as casting a magic attack spell, or shooting an arrow or bolt at it. Therefore, if you"re going alone, remember to bring a rune throwing axe, or bow and arrow or some runes. The same applies if you go with a group - you will need someone to attack the barricade with mage or range to be able to bypass it.

Waterbirth island dungeon ,.::;" full mapsub level one; sub level two; sub level three; sub level four; sub level five; sub level six

3.0 - Preparation

To survive in the Waterbirth dungeon you must be prepared with the right equipment. Everyone should take one anti-poison potion, at least one prayer potion, and at the very least, lobsters for food. If you intend on running the whole way through the dungeon, a super energy potion is also recommended. The best inventory would contain a two to one ratio of food to prayer potions - i.e. approximately two pieces of food to every one prayer potion. This is because once you reach the Dagannoth Kings, you will be needing all that food as they commonly hit 25+.

However, food is still needed incase two kings spawn (you can"t pray for both, as one uses melee, one mages and one ranges), the Rex runs into you, or you forget to turn prayer on while trying to get to the kings. For your first few trips take three items as this helps give you a feel for the dungeon without having to worry about dieing. Choose what you will go as (melee, mage or range) depending on what Dagannoth king you wish to kill. Remember that the Rex cannot be damaged by melee, the Prime cannot be damaged by mage, and the Supreme cannot be damaged by range. If you are going with just two people, or by yourself (and praying someone is there to help open door) bring a rune throwing axe. After the first few runs to get the feel, you should bring some of the gear shown in the tables below.

Alternative: Amulet of Fury, Power Amulet, Legends Cape, Obsidian Cape, Ring of Life, Prayer Potions. If absolutely necessary wear rune armour, granite shield, and dragon scimitar but expect to die easier.
Alternative: Mystic Robes, Farseer Helm, Slayer Staff, Amulet of fury, Amulet of Power, Ring of Life, God Cape, Legends Cape, Obsidian Cape, Prayer Potions
Alternative: Karils armour, Magic Short Bow (Or Karil"s X-bow and Bolt Racks), Rune Arrows, Archer Helm, Amulet of Fury/Power, Ring of Life, Lava Cape, Obsidian Cape, Prayer Potions.

4.0 - Strategies

Room 1 - This is the first room that you enter in the cave. There is a large open area containing Dagannoths (Level 90, Melee). You will also notice that near the ponds and wall there are egg sacks; if you look close, Dagannoth spawn (Level 42, Melee) will pop out of them. At the east end of the room are three tunnels accessed by opening the doors. The north tunnel holds Giant Rock Crabs (Level 137, Melee). The middle contains Wallasalkis (Level 98, Mage) and the southernmost tunnel contains Dagannoth (Level 88, Range). At the very east end the tunnels meet, leading to a ladder. However the way is blocked by some barricades which must be destroyed. The doors are opened by one person standing of each of the pressure pads on the ground for approximately five seconds.


Open the north door first, so that the ranger or mage can walk through the giant rock crabs. The other two people should then open the middle doors, turn on protect from magic and run through the tunnel to the barricades. The ranger/mage at the top barricade needs to range the barricade that you are at, destroying it. Note here that knives and darts will not reach the south barricade if the ranger is at the north one, or vice-versa.

In the area behind the barricades, hide to the north as the Dagannoth (level 88) will try and range you. There is a ladder that you can proceed up or down. If you are going to go down, turn on run and protect from mage first. Now if you are by yourself there is a way to destroy the barricade in front of you. Stand behind the north or south barricade. Whip out a throwing axe and turn the special on, then simply throw it at the middle barricade. The axe will fly, hit the middle barricade, then the far one, then come back and destroy the one in front of you! Rune throwing axes can be bought off players or at the ranger"s guild.


You can climb up the ladder to meet Askeladden (the child from Fremennik Trials). If you have done the Fremennik Trials quest, he will buy a keg of beer off you for 700gp or he will swap Dagannoth pieces for food.

Dagannoth Bones: ??Dagannoth Hide: 1 lobster per

Room 2: Make sure protect from magic is on, as those three Wallasalkis really pack a punch. Simply walk east and climb down the ladder.

Room 3: Don"t bother running. The Giant rock crabs are so slow you can walk straight past them. The ladder is to the south, even though it appears you can go east at first. Turn on run and protect from ranged and climb up or down the ladder.

Room 4: With your protect from ranged on you have a choice, run south for an optional part, or head west to continue to the Kings. If you head west turn on protect from magic before you head up.

Optional: Climb up the south ladder, take protect and run off and simply follow the path. At the end you will see a Fremennik called Bardur (Level 94), fighting Dagannoth fledglings (Level 70), who heals with Sharks extremely fast. Admire the NPC vs. NPC action if you want or you can talk to Bardur - don"t worry, you can talk to him even though he is fighting. You"ll soon be reading a pretty funny conversation, which results in him asking you to bring him a Fremennik helm, shield or sword which he will trade for sharks. Most importantly don"t bother killing the lizards - you get no experience for attacking them.

Sword: ???Helm: ???Shield: ???

Room 5, 6, 7: Make sure protect from magic is on, as there are a lot of Wallasalkis, and don"t bother running. Follow the tunnel to room 8.

Room 8: You should walk in this room - if a giant rock crab attacks you put protect from melee on as they are very powerful and hit very quick.

Room 9: Walk past the giant rock crabs. As you round the corner turn run and protect from ranged on, and be looking for the ladder to right click and climb up so you are very quick. Be careful of lag here, as there are a lot of monsters.

Room 10: Two ranger Dagannoths, don"t bother with prayer, and walk.

Room 11: Just before heading up ladder put protect from melee and run on.

Room 12: Don"t take run or protect from melee off, as the Rock lobsters (level 127) here hit very fast and with great power. As soon as you can see the end of the tunnel in the mini-map, turn run on and switch to protect from ranged, then switch to inventory so you can be ready to eat. As you reach the open area just outside the tunnel you will notice a lot of dagannoth. Try to stay near the wall and follow it east. At the eastern side of the room, halfway down and a little bit in is the ladder. Try and find that ladder as soon as possible so that you can climb down it quickly.

The Dagannoth Kings: Congratulations, you"ve made it to the three level 303 Dagannoth Kings. The Dagannoth Prime is the mage, Dagganoth Rex is the meleer and Dagannoth Supreme is the ranger. Around the edge of the room is a moat, and inside it are Springlops (level 76) which you can attack (if you are melee on what they are close to the edge). Obviously you don"t get any drops from them as they are in water. However, you should be wary of them as they can do some fairly high damage. As such, my advice is to stay in the middle where they are less likely to attack you.

Dagannoth Rex: As previously explained Rex cannot be hit by melee, so obviously you have to mage or range him. Unlike the other two kings, Rex likes to move around a lot. See that huge tail of his, wriggling round like half a worm? Well it turns out that if it hits you, it can do up to 26 damage. Also, when he swipes, damage will be dealt to multiple players if you"re standing together, so spread out if your there with a team. The fortunate thing about this king is that he doesn"t have spells that hit many people who can be far away from him (unlike the other two). Range or mage him from near the edge, right on the moat. Though this makes you a target for the sinolyps, just turn on protect from ranged if you mage, or protect from magic if you are a ranger. If you see Rex coming for you, break off the attack, get back and wait for him to attack someone else, and then recommence attacking.

Dagannoth Prime: This guy is a pushover - he casts what"s like a water wave on steroids. Simply turn on protect from magic and there is no way he can do any damage to you. Also, he seems to hit the people who are attacking him with melee the most - or people who are right next t to him. So a good idea is to range him so have a lower chance of being attacked. The only thing you have to be wary of is Rex running into you and damaging you badly.

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Dagannoth Supreme: This guy is really annoying, as he launches spines from his back that hit several people at a time. It"s best to melee this guy, as I have noticed that when he launches his spines, people who are further away from him are more likely to get hit than those standing right next to him. Also if you can get behind him that"s great, as he only launches spines in front of him. As long as you have protect from ranged on, he isn"t really that difficult. Once again, be wary of Rex running through you and hitting some nasty damage.