With the Pregnancy update in June 2018 Sims Freeplay added a long awaited attribute into the video game - pregnancy. Previously to have a baby in Sims Freeplay we merely clicked on an north cot, selected "add baby" and also waited 24 hrs for the infant to just appear in the cot. Things have gained a entirety lot an ext interesting through the pregnancy upgrade so let"s take a watch at how pregnancy functions in Sims Freeplay.

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Now when you click an north cot there space three choices - two are pregnancy related and also one is the old "add a baby" in 24 hrs option whereby you gain a baby without going through pregnancy. However who desires to do that? Let"s look in ~ the brand-new and more interesting options of just how to have actually a baby with pregnancy.
A great new function that"s been included is that sims no longer need to it is in married to have actually a baby. The only requirement is that your center is one adult female. Once your sim is pregnant they have actually maternity leave which way they can"t take component in professions, careers, hobbies or live events until the offer birth.

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To have a pregnant sim you require to an initial complete theTwo and also a half Sims Questwhich unlocks babies and theBump-y Ride exploration Questwhich unlocks pregnancy. When these have actually been completed you have the right to see the 3 baby options when you click a crib.

Takes 9 days come complete and each day to represent 1 month of pregnancyCosts 2 LPs come beginThere are day-to-day goals come be completed by the pregnant center each work of the pregnancyThere room support tasks to be completed throughout the event by various other simsIf you finish the day-to-day goals every day and also the support tasks your brand-new sim will certainly earn infant bonuses - they will certainly earn much more experience points, complete actions faster, they"re not impacted by low needsIf girlfriend don"t regulate to finish all the daily goals one day it will go directly to the next day and also you won"t have the ability to earn the infant bonus for the babyBy perfect the daily goals and also support tasks you will earn maternity tokens i beg your pardon are provided in the maternity keep to purchase maternity clothes and nursery furnitureDays 1,2 and 3 space the very first trimester and also your pregnant sim will look like any type of other adult, woman simDays 4,5 and 6 are the second trimester and also at the start of day 4 your center will acquire a pregnancy baby bumpDays 7,8 and 9 space the third trimester and at the start of work 7 the infant bump will get biggerYou deserve to only have actually one pregnancy event at a time

Takes 6 daysCosts 5 LPsThere space no day-to-day goals or support tasksYou can"t knife maternity tokensYour sim has actually a infant bump transparent the 6 daysThe infant won"t have any type of baby bonusesYou can have as numerous pregnancies as you desire at the exact same time
The original way to have actually a babyTakes 1 dayCosts 32,500 simoleonsYour center won"t be pregnant and won"t acquire a infant bumpThe baby won"t have any kind of baby bonusesYou can only include one infant at a time