Brittany is a "Neopets" expert! She's been playing the game on and also off because she opened up her an initial account every the means back in 1999!


This "Neopets" Money making Guide includes tips, tricks, and also everything else you have to make many neopoints!

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Just favor the genuine world, you need money—or Neopoints—on Neopets if girlfriend really desire to succeed. Neopoints enable you to buy the points you want for her pets, build your dream gallery, buy the paintbrush colour you’ve always wanted, buy pieces for the lab ray map, buy the perfect customisation pieces- basically, every little thing you desire or need on the game will call for Neopoints, and you’ve got to have a the majority of them for few of the points you want.

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If you’re wondering exactly how to do money on the game, you’ve involved the perfect place. Below are the best tips on exactly how to reliably do money on Neopets!

“Ghoul Catchers”


Ghoul Catchers is a cost-free mobile application that you deserve to download top top your an equipment to knife 50k NPs a day. The video game is basically the Neopets variation of Candy Crush; it’s a match-3 video game that needs you to match three of the same symbols to clean the level.

With Ghoul Catchers you deserve to log-in utilizing your Neopets site information and also link the account with the game. Every time you finish a level, you knife 1,000 NP, capped off at 50,000 Neopoints a day!

The finest strategy because that Ghoul Catchers is to replay level 1 continuously until you reach the daily cap, as it’s the easiest/quickest level come complete, due to the fact that you only must make 5 matches. You have the right to play level 1 50 time in about 20-30 minutes and also earn her 50K Neopoints. The “day” for Ghoul Catchers refreshes at 5 p.m., Neopian standard Time.

There is a known glitch wherein the video game will say that you’ve reached your everyday Neopoints limit even if girlfriend haven’t, for this reason the finest thing to do is come refresh the website periodically when you’re applying and keep monitor of just how much money you’ve earned through Ghoul Catchers, and also then stop as soon as you’ve earned her 50K limit.

I do honestly find Ghoul Catchers a little of a grind, so i don’t play that every solitary day, but it’s one easy means to knife extra NP top top the go.


One of the most renowned ways that obtaining items and Neopoints is v Dailies. The cross are tasks you have the right to do top top the site every day (hence the name), and also include a variety of activities, native spinning wheels, visiting special places in Neopia, collecting free food, and also more.

I recommend visiting The everyday Neopets Dailies page each day for a full list of Dailies.

My personal favourites (and ones I success the most NP/valuable objects on) are:

Trudy’s SurpriseAnchor ManagementGrave DangerWheel of MediocrityTombolaFruit MachineColtzan’s ShrineTDMGPOPQasalan ExpelliboxThe Wishing WellForgotten coast

With the forgotten Shore, you actually must buy the map pieces to finish the coast first. You can buy every 9 the them native user shops if you find for the pieces (they space all here on JellyNeo), individually; they space pretty cheap and shouldn’t price you more than 50NPs every on average. When you finish the map, visit the shore each day for a opportunity of a prize. I’ve winner 10K NP indigenous the coast multiple time a month, i m sorry is pretty great for a couple of hundred NP investment!


Trudy's surprised is one the ideal dailies you deserve to do; after ~ 25 continuous spins, you victory $100K! This resets every 25 days.


Restocking is a well-known means to earn several money, and also involves buying items in ~ a short price and selling them for a profit in her user shop.

Obviously, to begin restocking, you’ll must open increase a shop. It expenses 150 NP to open a shop, yet I introduce investing 2150 NP therefore you deserve to hold 25 item in her shop at one time. When you’ve opened a shop, you have to fill the up through stock, which girlfriend can obtain a range of ways.

You deserve to obviously market the items you earn for complimentary via your dailies, which is the best way to do a profit, as every little thing money you make is pure profit from item you acquired for free.

You can also buy items native the official Neopets shops, prefer Neopian Fresh foods or the magical Bookshop. The tactic with the main shops is come haggle v the shopkeepers and also buy the items for a reduced price than they’re asking/what you deserve to sell lock for. Neopets’ player, Briannea, wrote great and in-depth guide about restocking in the official shops, which I extremely recommend following.

You can additionally obtain items come restock by searching the trade Post and Auction areas. Users will sometimes put up expensive items for short prices via Auction or commerce Post, and also if you deserve to put in a good bid or offer a great deal, girlfriend might be able to grab something because that a low amount that Neopoints and also then resell it because that a larger profit.

You can likewise search user shops for cheap items to resell. There are some items ns look up periodically top top the supervisor Shop Wizard/Shop sorcerer’s (i.e., Dubloons, Codestones, Neocola Tokens), and if I see them being marketed for much less than they’re worth, I’ll buy them at the low price and also then resell them in ~ my shop because that their suitable value.


When it pertains to restocking, friend really need to know the value of items in order to recognize deals and also sell items properly. JellyNeo’s Neopian items Database is among the finest tools because that this since you can input the surname of any object in Neopets and also find the end what it’s worth. You can sell your items every JellyNeo’s database pretty reliably.

I also recommend browsing on the SSW/SW as soon as pricing items. Ns do have a premium account, so ns price things using SSW. I find the best method to price item to sell is to do so listed below the shortest SSW price. Ns will generally price items 1-5NP listed below the lowest SSW price, however no lower.

You can likewise find an average price by update the SW a few times and seeing what quantity is the average. It’s really approximately you, however, and also how rapid you desire the items come sell.

If girlfriend don’t price things at the lowest of the SSW/SW, chances are users probably won’t even find your shop. Carry out a little bit of advertising, by creating a object on the Shop Ads board. Post a thread about what you’re selling and prices, i.e. “Selling Codestones listed below SSW Prices!” in the subject, and also then in the body, add a link to her user shop (your user shop’s URL deserve to be discovered by going come Shops > her Shop > Shop Front, and also then copy the URL). I usually short article a new thread every day, and also then add a talk about it to “bump” it come the peak of the Shop Ads plank every time ns restock mine shop transparent the day.

I have made millions of Neopoints by restocking, and also it’s honestly mine favourite way to make money ~ above the site. Ns love trying to find bargains in the trade Post/user shops, pricing my goods, heralding my shop, and more. It’s a fun means to earn money top top the site, and also a fast/easy means to knife a major profit.


Now I have the right to sell my products at a higher profit!

Bank Interest

Yes, this is mine actual bank account! I can collect 4K in attention alone per day!

You’ve gotta have actually money to do money! placed your hard-earned NP in the bank, not just to safeguard yourself from shedding them through Random Events, but additionally to enable your NP to collection interest.

Once you with 50K NP (which is super simple to do- simply play 50 rounds of Ghoul Catchers), you have the right to earn 11 NP a day, or 4,362 NP a year, if girlfriend remember to collection your interest every day. Realistically, after a couple of months (or also weeks, if you space dedicated) of playing, you have to be up to 1 Million NP, which will earn friend 110,891 NP in a year!

Playing Games

There space a lot of gamings on Neopets, and the an excellent thing is that you knife Neopoints for playing every one of them. The games reward various values that Neopoints, however some the the best/easiest games to conveniently earn Neopoints every day are:

SpellseekerFashion fever (literally simply start the game, press “End Game” there is no dressing the character and send the score x3 because that a quick and easy 900 NP. You can also “Send Card” 3x a day because that 300 more NP- just comprise an e-mail address to send the to)Spell-or-StarvePakikoShenkuu Tanagram

There are a lot of gamings to play, though, and I’m certain you’ll find your own favourites. Friend can additionally check the end JellyNeo’s 50K a day overview for a perform of recommended day-to-day games.

The Neopian Stock sector is prefer the genuine stock sector in the you need to buy low and sell high. Every day, you can buy 1000 stocks.

The finest strategy is to buy 1000 stocks at the lowest accessible value (15 NP every stock- you can visit this list everyday to find “Bargain Stocks”) and then conserve them in her portfolio till they with 60 NP. Sell half of the stocks as soon as they reach 60 NP and then store an eye on the industry to watch if the worth goes previous 60 NP to recognize when to sell the other half.

The Stock sector is a long game, however eventually, every the stocks will acquire up to that 60 NP mark, and you’ll have your rotate to sell and also profit.

Food Club

I’ll it is in honest, ns don’t know a lot around Food Club, and I don’t personally beat it. I’m not a pan of gambling in actual life or in Neopets, yet if girlfriend don’t mental potentially shedding Neopoints to probably win more, you can certainly play Food Club.

Food club is a bit like betting on steed races in real life. Part players post their bets every day, and other football player bid precisely like castle in order come win. A the majority of players swear by Food Club as a money-making tactic.

If you want to know all you require to about Food Club, ns recommend discovering this an extremely detailed Food Club guide by Jawsnapper.

Faerieland Employment company

You can do simple Jobs for totally free through the Faerieland employed staff Agency. These “fetching” jobs deserve to be a pretty profitable way to knife money and get quick and also easy cash.

I recommend just taking tasks that will net you a profit of a couple of thousand dollars (so skip persons that only reward a couple of hundred NP. Ns basically only accept tasks that start with a basic Reward that 5K NP and also higher). Make sure you have at least 10K NP once you start the job with straightforward Jobs, together you’ll require to have the cash come buy products. I always look at the last couple of pages the the an easy Jobs lists, together the an ext expensive items/jobs are there.

Here’s a sample job: the board is asking for 4 that Caffeine complimentary Neocola and the base Reward is 4,864 NP. I calculate if a job is worth taking by acquisition the complete payout and dividing through the variety of items needed. 4,864 divided by 4 is 1,216. As lengthy as I can buy each item for much less than 1,216 NP, then I’ll it is in making a profit.

A search on SSW mirrors that ns can obtain 1 that these for 600 NP and also 3 much more for 800 NP. That’s well below my 1,216 NP goal, and only 3,000 NP in total, netting me a base Reward that 1,864 NP. If friend don’t have actually SSW, open a brand-new tab and start browsing on the consistent Shop Wizard, till you can discover four stores that are selling the product at the lowest price.

Since I’m happy with this job, I’ll right-click top top the “Apply for this Job” link and open that in a new tab.

As shortly as I’ve embraced the job, I’ll conveniently open every of the user stores in new tabs and also buy the 4 forced Neocola items. When I’ve bought every four, ns go earlier to the tab v my accepted job in it and also turn in the items by clicking the “Return come this Page” link.

As the screenshot below shows, there’s a bonus for being fast, so ns actually obtained a profit of 3,008 NP for 36 secs worth the work. That’s not negative at all! Remember, this is all around being fast, for this reason the quicker you execute the jobs, the more money you have the right to earn!

You can do 5 jobs each job (you deserve to do 3 jobs consecutively, and also then there’s around a 10-minute cooldown between jobs 4 and also 5).

There are likewise Super Jobs, which call for you come purchase job Coupons. This reward more money, but likewise require you to purchase the coupons to execute them, which space priced in between 3,900 because that the cheapest coupon, environment-friendly Job Coupon, every the method up come 525,000 NP because that a Gold job Coupon. I personally have not done any type of jobs with job Coupons (at least, no in my current play of Neopets; ns may have actually done once I an initial opened my account in 1999), however I think the money you knife from basic Coupons is great enough, and you don’t need to invest any kind of NP to do money off straightforward Jobs.

I never ever paid lot attention to the Battledome when I an initial started play Neopets, but it’s a major moneymaker that you shouldn’t take for granted. In order to succeed, you’ll absolutely need to level up among your pets for battling, and you have the right to do for this reason by training castle in the miscellaneous Neopian maintain schools. You’ll likewise need to invest a little bit of money to equip your pets with weapons.

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Once you have a “battle” pet, you deserve to participate in the Battledome daily and also fight versus various Challengers. Winning battles rewards you v 15 items and 1500 NP a day. The pure NP isn’t a lot, however the items you have the right to win selection from everything in between food to an important weapons, potions, Codestones, Neocola Tokens, and also more, which you deserve to then resell for a major profit.

It's Time to Make part Money!

That’s it because that my Neopets money-making guide! What’s your favourite way to do money top top Neopets? Is over there something ns haven’t spanned that you find profitable? let me understand in the comments section below!