Sandpaper and also paint can turn a block that wood right into a sleek Pinewood Derby racer the looks as smooth as steel. The trick is using the right materials and permitting plenty of time.

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Don’t wait till the critical minute! For best results, you’ll have to start at least a week or two before the race. You’ll likewise need assist from a trusted adult.


Coarse, medium and fine-grit sandpaperLiquid sanding sealer (sold in ~ hobby shops)Enamel paintDecals or self-stick numbers (sold in ~ stationery shop or understanding shops)Clear gloss paintFloor wax paste



Step 1: start by wrapping sandpaper roughly a block of lumber 1 customs by 3 inches. Without a block of wood for support, sandpaper deserve to leave dips and also gullies in the Pinewood Derby car’s body.

Round the corners that the pinewood block through coarse sandpaper. Adjust to medium-grit document for smoothing unstable edges. End up with good sandpaper to remove any sanding marks.


Step 2: simply painting the pinewood i will not ~ hide the wood’s grain. Apply two coats of fluid sanding sealer. Permit the sealer dry overnight prior to sanding that lightly v fine-grit paper.

If the grain still shows, apply two an ext coats the sealer. Allow it dried overnight and sand again. Repeat the process until the serial disappears.


Step 3: select a color for your Pinewood Derby car. Then apply two to three coats the enamel repaint to the car’s body. Spraying the design with repaint from an aerosol have the right to is simpler than making use of a brush.

If you usage a brush, dip only the lower 3rd of the brush right into the paint. Usage single, smooth strokes instead of dabbing the paint on the car. Mix the strokes so they can’t be seen.


Step 4: place a race number ~ above the Pinewood Derby car. Seal and protect it by spraying the entire vehicle with clear gloss paint. Some clear paints might make the numbers curl. Come make sure yours works, check it top top a decal or number stuck to scrap plastic prior to spraying her car.


Step 5: allow the clear paint dry because that at least a week. Then cover the Pinewood Derby car with floor wax paste and also polish come a high gloss. The wax will defend the car and aid give your racer the watch of glowing steel.

JUST carry out YOUR BEST

This job requires help from an adult and also lots of time and patience.

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Instead, friend can always just paint your Pinewood Derby auto with one class of paint from your regional hobby store. The takes only a few minutes, and it quiet looks great.