I acquire questioned often about how come play flute with braces and also keep great tone once you have mouth full of metal.

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 Well, this used to be something I thought was tough to deal with. But, after to teach for 24 years and also successfully helping kids and also adults with braces play well, I have the mechanism down-pat.

If you have braces and are really struggling to have actually decent tone, climate this advice will certainly really help.

”This yes, really works!”

BUT, remembering the every solitary day is the challenge.

I to be constantly reminding my braces-students the their peak lip requirements to stretch over and come farther down.

They always say, “Oh Yah.”

**You have to stretch your top lip oooovver those braces and also down reduced than you provided to (pre- braces). 

That’s it.

Short and also sweet.

I’ve noticed basically every learning flutist have the right to follow this advice and get the right.And then we go on our funny way.Love you and your initiatives with her flute lessons today!

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