So, I obtained an itch come play monster rancher critical weekend, and also after tearing apart my house to find my copy... I found the case. But no game was inside. I don't know where the went, but I continued searching, nad it's nowhere to be found.

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So today, I lastly caved and downloaded an emulator therefore I can see if I could get it running - and lo! it works!

Not just does that work, but I deserve to use DVDs to generate monsters! DVDs didn't work on PS1, since the PS1 couldn't read DVDs. However my PC deserve to read DVDs just fine, and also if throughout the 'insert a CD' phase, i tell the emulator to read from my dvd drive, that works! i gt monsters! I obtained a Zuum/Monol from a movie about drag queens, it to be great! (Who climate promptly acquired named after one of the traction queens, hehe.)

I spent 3 hrs today hard-core nostalgia-ing and also playing. I at this time have a Tiger/Zuum in ~ D rank.

ANyone else had success play a monster rancher rom?

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That's awesome! I miss out on Monster Rancher. Lock should totally give the collection a ideal reboot.

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I just saw this and Monster Rancher is one my absolute favorite game series, and one I proceed to play. I can likewise confirm that emulating at the very least MR2 works simply fine. Right here are a couple of my more recent monsters on mine emulated save file.

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I've play MR2 on an emulator before, but I've never ever had any kind of luck with gaining monsters off of CDs... What emulator/rom did girlfriend use, if you don't mind my asking? mine actual bowl is scratched to all hell and I deserve to only advanced so countless market Zuums

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Okay, here's my step-by-step directions. They room not complicated. Ns was simply thorough.

Download a PS1 BIOS. (google is her friend.)

Put Bios record in Bios folder, usage Config settings to phone call the emulator that.

Configure controller settings. You can use a keyboard, I had actually success with a logitech controller, and also a SNES controller. Yeah, that's right. Playing a PS1 game on a computer with a SNES controller. That's exactly how I roll.

Download a Monster Rancher ROM. Yet you need to be careful, part sites space shady. Don't usage their downloaders.

Unzip the game file, however the .cue and also .bin in the ISO folder within the emulator.

Configure the CD rom options - tell the to use your computer's CD rom.

Put a CD or DVD in her CD drive.

In the emulator, acquired to document > run ISO, and select her monster rancher. Use the .Cue file YAY! NOSTALGIA. (My god, the pixels!)(and display screen tearing)

WHen you gain to the point where you can go come the shrine, perform it!

When it claims to eliminate the MOnster Rancher 2 disk and also insert a CD, press escape. You need to see the ePSXe window. Walk to FILE>Change Disk> CDROM or ISO. If you use ISO, again, use the .cue files. I downloaded a bunch the PS1 games to create monster with. ~ a couple of seconds, the should automatically re-fullscreen her game and also give you the 'reading the disk' dialogue. I uncover that if I readjusted to a CD rom, that takes the routine a couple of more seconds to re-load my monster rancher.

When it speak you come re-load the monster rancher disk, press escape again, walk to FILE>Change Disk>ISO and re-select your Monster Rancher. Again, it will certainly re-load the game for you.


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Why execute DVDs work? The PS1 didn't recognize DVDs to be a thing, and also thus, didn't know how to read them. But of course, our computers know how to read DVDs, so the game doesn't care. It simply looks for a table the contents, and also DVDs have those.