Athlete is one of 8 careers your adult sims deserve to have (not including profession careers) and also this write-up explains all you need to know about this career.

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How do I start this career?

You firstly require to develop the stadium and also then you will be able to select athlete native the perform of careers.

Once your sim is one athlete you can click on the pulsing suitcase top top the simtracker come send them to work once a day. Throughout this time friend won’t see them at work and also you cannot walk to the stadium, on the simtracker that will just say they are at work, when the time is up they will arrive ago at home and be rewarded through the simoleons and also XP lock earned for the shift. The much more they work, the greater level they will reach in that career and the much more money they will certainly earn.

You deserve to then send her sims to job-related again at/after 12am as it is the start of a brand-new day.

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What hrs do they work?

You have the right to send your sims to occupational anytime the the day because that 6 hours, as soon as they finish their shift you will get the simoleons and XP they have earned. As soon as they reach a new level in the career a pop up will appear to present you just how much they will earn because that the following shift.

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What are the levels and how much money and XP perform you earn for a day at work?

 TitleSimoleonsExperience points (XP)12345
Front Runner1,450650
Personal Trainer1,580920

How carry out I discover out what level my sim is on?


You can see this info in the occupations (career) tab. This tab is whereby you offer your sims careers to start with. Below you have the right to see your sims career and also the level they are on and if you click the price of the career you will be able to see how much her sims earn and also you deserve to quit jobs from here too.

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Can I increase my sims job level indigenous home?

Yes you have the right to buy the soccer ball from the promotions r us keep or hobby and career items tab that the residence store. It costs S950 and once placed in her sims home you have the right to play soccer for 3 hours. During this time your career bar will increase like it does once they walk to occupational (but slower)