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I bought BM latex primer and also acrylic latex repaint in 5 gallon buckets. I also bought a paint mixer the goes right into a variable speed drill.Any tips on just how to transfer paint out of the 5 gallon buckets right into a 1 gallon plastic bucket for brush painting trim, etc. And transferring into paint tray because that rolling? I additionally need to stress, overload the paint.I have a bad back so lifting increase the 5 gallon bucket to pour it in little containers is not an option.Thanks,HRG
Remove the lid---I discover trying to dispense repaint using the small hole in the lid to it is in a mess--If picking up the full bucket is to unstable on your back--use a ladle--
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oh. If you have a bad back, exactly how did you get the buckets home ? (not do the efforts to it is in a clever ass, simply wondering).are girlfriend ok to pointer the buckers over to to water ? then have actually someone placed the buckets top top something, say, a milk crate. Climate you can tip them come pour.
It can be tough to pour the end of a full five if you have actually never excellent it prior to even if girlfriend don"t have a bad back. While no ideal, utilizing the pop out pour spout in height of the lid have the right to be simpler with much less potential for a mess.
Remove the lid---I find trying to dispense paint using the little hole in the lid to be a mess--If picking up the complete bucket is to rough on her back--use a ladle--
The little pot through a handle might be much better than a trowel for an ext capacity every scoop, yet yet no too large and heavy. I was wondering if some folks space using a plastic jug with a handle (but no a flimsy large 1 gallon milk jug) that can recommend which jug castle use.
oh. If you have actually a negative back, how did you get the buckets house ? (not trying to it is in a clever ass, simply wondering).are you ok to reminder the buckers end to to water ? then have someone put the buckets ~ above something, say, a milk crate. Climate you have the right to tip them to pour.

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Transporting the 5 gallon buckets residence was a chore. But because I can stand upright through my ago vertical and use mine legs because that lifting, ns was simply able to control it without injury. Lifting a complete 5 gallon bucket to to water it would require me to bend over which is wherein the weight would certainly be too much for my poor back. .... I"ll have the ability to lift the bucket on come a milk crate to aid with pouring.