Transfer one incoming contact directly to one more person as soon as you are in a call, click the Call Controls icon. Click Transfer.
Transfer." width="400" height="323" /> The "Transfer Call" home window will open. In the find bar, enter the name or phone number of the human to whom you desire to transport the call, or select a human being from her Contacts. Click Transfer in ~ the bottom the the window.
Wait a moment and also the call will transfer and you will certainly be eliminated from the call. Consult with a person before transferring a speak to to that or her once you room in a call with the just arrived caller, open a new Skype because that Business window and do a second call. Go into the number of the human you desire to speak with and also press Enter. Or girlfriend can enter their surname in the search box and click the phone symbol beside their name to do the call. When you are in one call and also you open a new call home window to contact a second person, the an initial caller is automatically placed ~ above hold. Once you are speaking to the person who will obtain the transferred call, click the Call Controls icon and click Transfer. Pick the human to whom you want to deliver the call and also click OK. deliver a call to the parking lot of so that someone have the right to pick it up once you park a call, you place it on host so that a person who dials the retrieval number have the right to retrieve the by dialing in the number presented for retrieval. only the audio section of a contact can it is in parked. If you know specifically who you want to price the call, it’s better to deliver it instead because parked calls deserve to be reply by anyone that dials the retrieval number. To carry a speak to to the parking lot, click the Call regulate icon, click Transfer call > Park the call.
The contact is parked and also can be retrieved through anyone who dials the number to choose it up. Click Retrieve come retrieve it. Or click Copy come copy the number and open an e-mail or one IM and also share the retrieval number with another person.
transport a call directly to a person’s voice letter when you are on the call that you will deliver to someone else, click the Call Controls icon and click Transfer. The "Transfer Call" window will open. In the find bar, enter the surname of the human being to who you desire to transfer the call. A name or perform of names that complement your search will appear. Relocate your mouse over the person’s existence button.

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Click the arrowhead beside the phone icon, click Voice Mail.
the arrow beside the phone > voice mail" width="360" height="292" border="1" style="border-color:#0099FF;border-style:solid;" />

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