The only means you deserve to retrieve a deleted post on her Tumblr blog is by restoring the original write-up from a back-up copy. Friend can earlier up the HTML code for the write-up manually, or use a back-up tool prefer Tumblog back-up Jammy come make constant backups the the HTML code of all your articles at one time.

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Manual write-up Backup

To manually ago up one of your Tumblr posts, open the post, click the gear icon, and then select “Edit” in the food selection that displays to open up the article in edit mode. Click the “” icon to check out the HTML code, select and also copy the HTML code, and also then dough the password in a blank text file. Girlfriend can ago up several articles in a single text file. Save the backed up write-ups in a folder labeled v the day of the backups.

Mass short article Backup

There are just a couple of tools are available that allow you to earlier up several Tumblr write-ups at one time. The backup Jammy tool extracts the HTML for approximately 500 articles at one time, then stores the password in a compressed text document with the ZIP record extension (see Resources). Though backing increase your write-ups using Jammy have the right to be rather cumbersome if you have actually several pages the posts, using the tool is much much more convenient than performing manual write-up backups.

Restore donate Up Post

To reclaim a donate up post, open the text record containing the HTML code backups, launch the “Find” tool in the text editor, and then search for a native in the title or content in the post to restore. Pick the HTML code for the post, and then copy the code to your clipboard. Open up Tumblr, and then click the icon for the post kind of the original post. Select the “” icon to open the post’s code view, dough the HTML code in the post form, and then click “Post.” The original article is replicated in her timeline.

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Restore Theme

The Tumblr platform automatically backs increase 20 execution of your theme, so if friend accidentally delete portions of your layout or make transforms that break various other features, you can quickly restore the template to a front state using the Tumblr template Recovery tool. Log in in to her blog, and then browser to the theme Recover page (link in Resources). The critical 20 design template revisions are detailed on the device page, and also a date and change log is noted for each revision. Click the “See Changes” connect to see the transforms made for a particular entry. To reclaim the theme to an previously version, click the “Revert” button in the entry because that the version. The selected version is automatically restored.

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