The ability to recruit allies is very useful in GTA mountain Andreas, particularly in combat situations.

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GTA mountain Andreas places a heavy focus on corridor conflicts. Los Santos is the searching ground in between three major factions: Grove Street families (GSF), Ballas, and Vagos. Through the exemption of a specific glitch, gang warfare just happens in Los Santos. The key protagonist CJ is a member the the GSF.

If a player has sufficient respect, they can start recruiting gang members. Castle can administer some an excellent backup if one gets into trouble. Newer players should find out the basics of how recruitment works.

GTA san Andreas: A step-by-step guide on exactly how to recruit


Every player have to know just how to recruit. Otherwise, they have to deal with a numbers game as most gang wars have actually several foe waves. Backup would be an extremely beneficial. Here"s how recruitment works for GTA san Andreas.

Basic controls


Players should walk appropriate up come a GSF member. They need to now usage the lock-on aiming feature. Here are the an easy controls on just how to recruit members:

Playstation: increase on the D-PadXbox: up on the D-PadPC: host RMB and press the G key

GSF members will now follow the player around and only prevent if they space left behind. They will attack any type of hostile enemies, such together criminals and cops. Respect is additionally what identify the recruitment amount.

Earn respect to recruit much more gang members


GTA mountain Andreas uses the respect system from vault games. The much more respect a player has, the an ext gang members they have the right to recruit. Castle can obtain up to seven members in ~ a time. It looks like this:

>1% = two gang members>10% = 3 gang members>20% = four gang members>40% = five gang members>60% = 6 gang members>80% = seven gang members

There are several means to earn respect in GTA san Andreas. Players deserve to steal areas or take out dealers and also rival gangs. However, they will shed respect as soon as territories space lost. Their respect also decreases if they lose members the the Grove Street Families.

Gain the upper hand in corridor wars


After a player learns just how to recruit, they can give themselves part backup. GSF will prove beneficial in combat situations. Their key purpose is to odor the adversaries while taking potshots. Lock can draw fire far from the player, which deserve to save them some health.

Consider gaining all 100 spray tag in Los Santos


GSF members have tendency to carry straightforward pistols and TEC 9"s. These are relatively weak guns, specifically at later points in the game. However, GTA san Andreas players deserve to upgrade this weapons. All they have to do is spray all 100 gang tags in Los Santos. This likewise earns lock respect.

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From here on out, GSF members will certainly carry an ext powerful weapons. These incorporate knives, a Desert Eagle, and also SMGs.