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Q: just how does the 2-year international warranty work?A: ours 2-year international warranty consists the inner movement, hands, and also dial. Outside components, such together the band, case, and also crystal, and the battery, are not contained in the warranty. For much more information about how to send in your watch for repairs, you re welcome visit our Warranty & repairs page.

Q: What is the standard length of the clock bands?A: The size of our watch bands vary by material and also style, yet we have provided the approximated lengths below:

Men’s Leather, Silicone, Mesh: 146–200 mmMen’s connect Bracelet: 146–200 mmWomen’s Leather, Silicone, Mesh: 127–175 mmWomen’s linked Bracelet: 125–175 mm

If you are looking for the dimensions for a particular style, you re welcome feel complimentary to contact our Customer treatment department and be certain to incorporate the style variety of the watch.

Q: How deserve to I acquire a much longer or shorter band?A: at this time our watches are designed v standard size bands. Extra web links for connected bracelet-style bands have the right to be notified by calling ours Customer care department in ~ 1.877.752.4361. Be sure to have actually the style number of the clock available.

Q: exactly how do I gain my tape replaced?A: Leather and silicone straps have the right to be ordered by calling our Customer care department in ~ 1.877.752.4361. Please have the style number of the clock available. When you get the strap, you have the right to visit a reputable jeweler or retailer to have actually the tape installed. Connected bracelets and mesh bands will must be replaced at our authorized organization center. Visit warranty & repair for much more information about where and how to send her watch.

Q: how do ns order links?A: Extra links for link bands deserve to be ordered by calling ours Customer care department in ~ 1.877.752.4361. Please have the style number of the clock available.

Q: just how do I change the stole mesh band?A: The steel mesh bands are conveniently adjustable. First, open the clasp and also lay the watch confront up top top a flat surface.

1. Through the clasp open, insert a small tool, such as a flathead screwdriver, right into the slot in the center of the clasp being cautious to no put press on the straight pin in the clasp, together it may bend the pin. Lift this item in the direction of the clock face.

2. With the middle of the clasp raised, on slide the clasp towards or far from the challenge of the watch until it is at the length desired.

3. Come secure the clasp, press the middle part of the clasp ago down, snapping right into place.


Q: My decision is broken. How do I gain it replaced?A: Crystals will should be changed through one authorized company center. Visit warranty & repair for an ext information about how to obtain your watch crystal repaired.

Q: What type of leather carry out you use in her bags or clock bands?A: generally uses actual cowhide leather in ours handbags and also watch bands. If you are curious around the material used on a particular style, please contact our Customer care department for an ext information.

Q: Why nothing you send out watch parts once I require them to fix my watch?A: We decided to no send out watch components to for sure the authenticity and quality of our watches and repairs. Leather and silicone straps and sizing links have the right to be ordered directly from our Customer treatment department at 1.877.752.4361. If you must send in her watch for repair, you re welcome visit ours Warranty & Repairs page for more information.

Q: mine order is no processing. What carry out I do?A: before trying come place one more order, please speak to our Customer care department at 1.877.752.4361. Many attempts to order may an outcome in multiple credit transaction or debit map authorizations.

Q: just how do i track mine order?A: when your order is assigned a tracking number, you will obtain a confirmation email through the number. If you have not obtained this email within 24 to 48 hours of placing her order, please contact our Customer treatment department v your order check number to acquire your tracking number. Once you have actually the tracking number, your order can be traced via Orders shipped to P.O. Boxes will be transport via USPS and can it is in tracked via

Q: Where can I find helpful tips and frequently asked concerns for mine linked wearable?Please visit our linked FAQs web page for an ext information about your linked wearable product.

Q: how do ns unsubscribe indigenous emails?A: Our email subscribers receive very first access to new collections as well as invitations to exclusive events and special promotions. If friend still great to unsubscribe, click here.

Q: ns am interested in functioning for Just how do i apply?A: you re welcome visit to view and apply for current openings with

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Q: just how do you express can be pronounced one of three ways: “Skah-guhn,” “Skay-gen,” or “Skay-en.”

Q: How have the right to I found out just how will certainly use and protect my an individual information?A: Denmark respects the privacy the its customers. For more information, see our privacy policy.