One the the an excellent things around living in Korea is the you can try all the the various foodstuffs that Korea needs to offer. Native spicy ttokpoki, to ice-cold naengmyeon, there is miscellaneous that will suit everybody’s taste. Among the most valuable words to understand in oriental is just how to say ‘eat’ in Korean.

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This article will teach you how to speak ‘eat’ in Korean, so that you can start enjoying all of the country’s awesome food.

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‘Eat’ in Korean

To Eat

Like many of the most usual Korean verbs, there room actually two different verbs that median ‘to eat’ in Korean. One of these is provided in regular situations, and the various other is offered when referring to your elders or seniors. That is vital to use these words properly if you want to it is in polite in Korea.

먹다 (meokda)

This is the traditional verb for ‘to eat’ in Korean. That is provided when introduce to you yourself (I want to eat, i ate, etc.) or as soon as referring to world of the same age or younger than you.

들다 / 드시다 (deulda / deushida)

This is the ‘honorific’ form of the verb ‘to eat’ in Korean. The actual dictionary word is 들다, yet it together it is constantly used with 시, girlfriend will often see it together 드시다. It is additionally easier come remember드시다 if you want to use it correctly, especially as 들다 has actually 103 other interpretations in Korean.

You should use this word when referring to someone older than you. That is likewise commonly provided when asking inquiries (Do you want to eat?) or giving commands (Eat this) to human being who girlfriend don’t recognize well.

There is in reality a 3rd verb because that ‘to eat’, i beg your pardon is 잡수시다 (japsushida), however this is provided less typically than 드시다.



먹습니다 (Meokseumnida)

드십니다 (Deushimnida)

You deserve to use official language when giving a presentation, make an announcement, or in a task interview. The verb the you should use relies on whether you room talking about yourself, or talking about somebody older 보다 you.


다랑어는 보통 날것으로 먹습니다.

(Darangeoneun botong nalgeoseuro meokseumnida)

Tuna is usually eaten raw.

우리는 설날에 떡국을 끓여 먹습니다.

(urineun seolnale ddeokgukeul ggeulyeo meokseumnida)

We feast top top rice cake soup on the Lunar new Year.



먹어요 (Meokeoyo)

드세요 (Deuseyo)

The standard form of korean is offered when talking to world of a similar age that you are not really close with. If you desire to questioning a question or ask somebody to execute something (or if you room referring to somebody a lot older than you), then you need to use the 드세요 type of the verb ‘to eat’, in various other situations, usage the 먹어요 kind of ‘to eat’.


맛있게 드세요

(mashittge deuseyo)

Bon appetite


매운 것은 잘 못 멋어요

(maeun geoseun jal mot meokeoyo)

I can not eat spicy food well.




Informal words are offered when speak with people you are really close with, or civilization who room younger than you. Honorific words such as 들다 (to eat) are not supplied when speaking informally.


이 음식이 맛이 있는지 한 번 먹어 봐.

(i eumshiki masi ittneunji han beon meokeo bwa)

Try this food and see if you choose it.



A word of caution around Romanization

Although all of these examples have Romanization, it is far much better to discover the oriental alphabet, known as Hangeul, if you space serious around learning Korean. Hangeul is far easier than it first appears, and also can it is in learned in much less than two hours.

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Now the you know how to say ‘eat’ in Korean, go out and also enjoy some an excellent Korean food.