This is constantly a difficult topic due to the fact that racial and ethnic identities space so complex, sensitive, and also dynamic: what are the finest (as in the most an accurate and neutral) terms for "White" people? I"ve heard terms like 老外, 洋人, and also 鬼佬. Execute also say 白人? more precisely, I"d favor to know any terms that could be offered for anyone that self-identifies together "White" (could have actually origins in Europe, north Africa, West Asia, or any of their former nests like right here in America). Numerous East Asians have actually skin that is together light as any European"s; would certainly they ever before self-identify through a ax that could be analyzed as "White"?

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老外 and 洋人 room the general terms for foreign people, not certain to white people. 老外 is much more often heard in oral In formal situations, 外国人is an ext likely used. 洋人 is a somehow the end of date word, seldom supplied today. 鬼佬 has actually an implicit negative meaning, don"t use it.

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And yes, refers to white people as 白种人 or 白人. But the words room not often seen in self introduction. The are more interested in where human being are coming from, like whether one is comes from France, India, or southern Africa, etc. And I gained to to speak this is no for foreign world only. As soon as two met because that the an initial time, the usual advent often has 我是山东人 or 我来自东北, etc.

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answered Aug 4 "13 at 5:24

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My closer friends execute use the terms 白人 and 白种人 neutrally in the same method we use "white people", but by and large I uncover people avoid these terms, and are collection slightly top top edge once I drop them casually right into conversation. One friend told me she doesn"t usage 白人 because "听起来有种族歧视,不是吗?". Instead she and also other commonly use "美国人/法国人/英国人 etc." to show whiteness, but of food this can lead to part politically incorrect statements:

A: “你的朋友是华裔吗?” ("Is your friend ethnically")B: “不,她是美国人.” ("No, she"s American.")

Or this one:

B: “是不是美国人和黑人之间发生过很多冲突?” ("There have actually been numerous conflicts in between Americans and black people, right?")

In both examples, I"m relatively certain the the speaker is using "美国人" to median "白人". Many Americans would certainly take offense at this definition, due to the fact that it subtly suggests that non-whites room not true Americans, also if the speak didn"t typical it the way. Ironically, that is the avoidance of the ax "白人", no its use, that reasons the politics incorrectness.

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So, come answer her question, ns think "白人" or "白种人" in reality is the most neutral term possible for "white people", despite the fact that it appears to make many people slightly uncomfortable. Neutrality aside, 老外, 洋人, and also 鬼佬 all refer to all Westerners, not just whites. And also I don"t think any type of world would self-identify as "白人" due to the fact that of their skin color, other than jokingly.