This morning, I uncovered some sausages in the fridge that had been there all week. The optimal of the sausage (that is, the surface of the skin facing upwards) had turned brown. I initially thought the if I simply fried them long enough, this would certainly be fine; however, when frying ns did a rapid search top top the web, acquired spooked and also threw them away.

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My concern is: what reasons this discolouration and, have actually I needlessly thrown three really tasty feather sausages in the bin?


My concern is: what causes this discolouration

Many meats are dyed to do them look at fresher. They include red, reason meat is red right? well no. Most meat will "brown" or "gray" as it is exposed come the air and also the blood dries up (or drains out). This is not, in any type of way, a authorize of negative meat. In fact it "may" be a authorize of good, natural meat.

A YouTube video that defines it

and, have I needlessly thrown three very tasty spring sausages in the bin?

Yes, probably.

Important note

When in doubt litter it out. A week in the refrigerator (not freezer) is border line because that me. I would have actually probably cook it, however I wouldn"t error someone rather for not it.

You deserve to usually look at for odor or slime to tell if meat is bad.

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answer Mar 28 "17 in ~ 14:56

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The one on height was more than likely exposed come air and its surface dried the end which darkened it.

It"s always far better to be safe than sorry. I am a little much more edgy and eat points others don"t, but I have my boundaries of agree also. Ns wouldn"t eat something a mainly old uneven I was sure it was packed and also stored properly.

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answered Apr 11 "15 at 13:18

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The discoloring isn"t a problem: it"s simply the meat reacting with oxygen in the air. The exact same thing would happen, only much more slowly, if you"d frozen the sausages.

The difficulty is feasible bacterial growth. By the moment the bacteria levels become high enough to it is in visible, it"s much past the allude where the bacteria room dangerous. Further, plenty of bacterial excrete toxicity substances that aren"t inactivated by This is why you need to usually go v expiration dates rather than "what the looks like" to determine if food is safe to eat. (There room some exceptions, whereby either spoilage is visible or it merely doesn"t spoil in ~ all, but sausage isn"t among them.)

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answer Apr 11 "15 at 23:33

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