recently I received an email in which ns am asked even if it is I have actually time because that a quick call. I want to say that ns am easily accessible every day, but I to be not obtainable from 3 it rotates 5 PM.

Can i say "I am accessible every day other than from 3 it spins 5 PM" or "I deserve to be got to at everyday except native 3 till 5 PM"?

Are over there any better ways come say it?

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can I say "I am available every day except from 3 till 5 PM" or "I have the right to be got to at daily except indigenous 3 it rotates 5 PM"?

A feasible solution might be

"I am obtainable 24/7 (except 3 to 5 PM)"

You can include unavailability because that evening hrs if girlfriend so desire:

"I am easily accessible every work from 8 am to 10 afternoon (with the exception of 3 pm to 5 pm)"



Setting whatever else aside, ns think that "from 3 till 5" should be "from 3 come 5" or "between 3 and 5" (my preference). And also "every day" does not say anything in ~ all about the hours when you space available, it just says the job on which you room available.Best would be

Every day, any time except between 3 and also 5.


Why not use availability in her post?

My accessibility is really functional and practically anytime v the just know exemption being from 3:00 afternoon thru 5:00 pm daily. Other than that I will be top top standby at the moment of call.

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