What is the difference in between "attest" and "attest to"? When have to we usage the expression attest to and also when need to attest it is in used?


I think you space asking because that the difference between the transitive verb ("attest" or "attest that") and the intransitive verb ("attest to")

I attest the this court transcript is complete and also unaltered.

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means "I promise (in a legit binding sense) the this court transcript ..."

I have the right to attest to his honesty and good character.

means "I have a substantial history of evil his honesty and great character."

See the two definitions of "attest"

Transitive verb (definition 1)

to affirm to be true or genuine; specifically to authenticate by signing together a witness come authenticate officially

Intransitive verb

to be afflicted with witness

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