After posting Jeannie native "I Dream the Jeannie," i couldn"t resist making her sister, since every1 loves comparing your costumes . Once again, I provided the Heroine fan-art maker. Again, the costume isn"t fairly accurate, but I go my finest & maintained checking photos of Jeannie"s sister together a reference. Unlike Jeannie, she sister"s very vain & spoiled, with gold jewelry dripping off she costume, & she"s acquired gigantic diamond ring on both hands. I couldn"t do a eco-friendly veil under the doll"s chin, though ns did shot & make her plenty of necklaces look prefer what the evil sister wore. Ns used clothes pieces from Jasmine, Esmeralda, the princess section, & the mermaid section. In the third season that the show, we get to accomplish Jeannie"s older sister, Jeannie, who is also a genie. Yeah, silly rt? that the 2 of lock would have actually the exact same name, & however she told she master/boyfriend, significant Nelson, the he would have actually absolutely no trouble informing the 2 of them apart. Unfortunately, inviting a sister over that she hasn"t viewed in 2000 year turned out to be a huge mistake, b/c Jeannie wasn"t aware of she sister"s true nature till she blinked a order to bring her to Cocoa coast (Major Nelson"s residence in Florida). The angry Jeannie take it 1 watch at major Nelson and SO wanted him. The 2 sisters began fighting over him. And so began a number of episodes where Jeannie"s evil sister would pop in from Baghdad & wreak destruction in stimulate to shot and steal significant Nelson far from Jeannie. Of every the negative guys Jeannie & significant Nelson faced, the evil sister was the worst of them, seeing together she was sneaky & much an ext worldly 보다 the nice Jeannie. The illustration were particularly funny b/c major Nelson would very first have to number out that the angry sister remained in town, (b/c sometimes Jeannie didn"t tell him, or she didn"t understand herself & her sister would often frame her for doing negative things to she master). Then they"d have to discover a method to outwit the evil Jeannie, which constantly got complicated . One more thing that made Jeannie"s sisters a fun character was the reality that she was played through Barbara Eden too!
it was usually the very same actress put on a dark brown wig w/ a eco-friendly costume, using a lower, scheming voice, & exhilaration mischievously & deliciously evil. The was funny reading just how they filmed scene w/ Jeannie & she sister together. 1.) They"d an initial do the scene with Barbara Eden playing Jeannie, & a special stand-in actress that was the exact same height, weight, & similar in facial attributes to the actress would certainly wear the evil sister"s costume & do her lines. 2.) climate the 2 actresses would switch costumes, through Barbara Eden now doing the scene as the evil sister, and the stand-in would wear Jeannie"s costume & carry out her lines. 3.) lastly they"d take it the 2 scenes & do cut-and-paste (a very primitive version of what they execute today through blue-screen technology), with only frames reflecting Barbara Eden playing both parts.

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Periodically it wasn"t that challenging if the stand-in had her ago to the camera. It was pretty great for the 60s, and also they likewise used this an approach when filming "The parental Trap" v Lindsay Lohan, (seeing as she was only 1 person playing pair