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English to French translations
English ax or phrase: hope you room doing well
Writing a letter to a friend
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French translation:J"espère que tu vas bien
Explanation:ou: ... Que tu te portes bien. Bonne chance, Serge L.

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Explanation:ou: ... Que tu te portes bien. Bonne chance, Serge L.experienceSerge LLocal time: 10:50PRO pts in pair: 241
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Explanation:Just clarifying the previous prize (as well together mine). "J"espère que tu vas bien" and "j"espère que tu car portes bien" median "I expect you are in great health" and/or "I expect you doing well" (more health-oriented). "J"espère que tout va bien" is a expression which way "I hope every little thing is walking well" (used more when inquiring about someone"s brand-new job or part other general situation). pick which ever before one fits your expression (which have the right to be check out two ways) better. CheungmoPRO pts in pair: 556
Explanation:mas general, se refiere a todos los aspectos de la vida. Me parece que "tu vas bien" se refiere mas a la salud.derthierry (X)Local time: 10:50

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