So far I recognize Σ'αγαπώ and also I would choose to express come my friend the other methods to phone call him. Feel cost-free to add your favourite romantic quotes/sayings in Greek, I'd appreciate that! say thanks to you!



Mixed sentences. Some romantic, some no so romantic (for couples that are in sex mode ON).

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Σε γουστάρω. - Se ghustaro - i want/like you. (slag half spanish)

Μ' αρέσεις - M' aresees - I like you.

Με ανάβεις - Me anavees - You revolve me on.

Με καυλώνεις - Me kavlonees - You do me horny.

Είμαι ερωτευμένος-η μαζί σου - Eeme erotevmenos-ee (m-f) mazee su - ns am in love through you.

Τη βρίσκω μαζί σου - Tee vreesko mazee su - ns "feel nice" once with you.

Με εξιτάρεις - Me exeetarees - You excite me. (slug fifty percent english)

Σε ερωτεύομαι - Se erotevome - ns am fall in love with you.

Σε έχω ερωτευτεί - Se eho eroteftee - I have fallen in love with you.

Θέλω να με θέλεις - Thelo na me thelees - I want you to want me.

Μου λείπεις - Moo Leepees - I miss out on you.

Μου έλειψες - Moo eleepses - i missed you.

Έλα μου εδώ - Ela moo edho - Come here, to me.

Σε κάνω κέφι - Se kano kefee - I desire you. (slug)

Θέλω να σε φάω - Thelo na se fao - I desire to eat you. (weird but works)

Δε σε χορταίνω - Dhe se horteno - ns cannot have sufficient of you.

Σε ζηλεύω - Se zeelevo - i am jealousy of you. (sometimes in a great way/depends once it is used)

Πεθαίνω για 'σένα - Petheno gia 'sena - ns am dying because that you. ( solid my love is. Etc... Relies on how and when is used)

Είμαι τρελή για 'σένα - Eeme trelee ghia 'sena - i am crazy because that you.

Με τρελαίνεις - Me trelenees - girlfriend re making /make me crazy. (used in a good and/or a poor way)

Αστέρι μου - Asteree moo - Star of mine.

Μάτια μου - Matya moo - eyes of mine.

Είσαι ο κόσμος μου - Eese o kosmos moo - You room my world.

Είσαι το είναι μου - Eese come eene moo - You are my existence.

Είσαι το φως μου - Eese to fos moo - You room my light.

Είσαι η ζωή μου - Eese ee zoee moo - You space my life.

Είσαι η λατρεία μου - Eese ee latreea moo - you space my adored one.

Μάτια μου - Mateea moo - eyes of mine / mine eyes.

Φως μου - Fos moo - light of mine / mine light.

Ζωή μου - Zoee moo - Life of mine / mine life.

Λατρεία μου - Latreea moo - mine adored one.

Σε βλέπω και λιώνω - Se vlepo ke leeono - I view you and I melt. ( love for you...)

Γάμησέ με - Yameese me - fuck me.

Φτιάξε με - Fteeaxe me - revolve me on (literally: solve me)

Άναψέ με - Anapse me - turn me on.

Φίλα με - Feela me - Kiss me.

Θέλω να γαμηθούμε - Thelo na yameethoome - i want united state to fuck.

Σε θέλω - Se thelo - I desire you.

Σε λατρεύω -Se latrevo - ns adore you.

Μου έχεις κλέψει την καρδιά - Moo ehees klepsee teen kardhia - You have actually stolen mine heart.

Με έχεις τρελάνει - Me ehees trelanee - You have made me crazy.

When you use sentences of kind "me come you/you to me etc" you deserve to use the word "Πολυ - Polee" in the finish which means, a lot.

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But If you simply want come say "I love you" there is just one way, simply use "S' agapao / S' agapo". Or f.e.

S'agapo polee = ns love girlfriend a lot. / S'agapo toso polee! = i love friend so much!