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2012 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis code 959.6
Short description: hip & thigh injury NOS.ICD-9-CM 959.6 is a billable medical code that can be provided to suggest a diagnosis top top a reimbursement claim, however, 959.6 must only be provided for cases with a date of business on or before September 30, 2015. For insurance claims with a date of service on or ~ October 1, 2015, usage an indistinguishable ICD-10-CM password (or codes).You are viewing the 2012 variation of ICD-9-CM 959.6.
Compartment syndrome of thighComplete division, hamstring tendonComplete division, quadriceps tendonForeign human body left in hipHamstring injuryInjury that adductor muscle and tendon of thighInjury of hip regionInjury of lot of muscles and also tendons in ~ hip and thigh levelInjury of muscle and also tendon at hip and thigh levelInjury the thighLeft hamstring injuryLeft hip injuryLeft i know well muscle injuryLeft quadriceps injuryLeft thigh adductor injuryLeft thigh injuryLeft thigh muscle injuryMassive multi tissue damages hip or thighPellet wound that hipPellet wound that thighRight hamstring injuryRight i know well injuryRight i know well muscle injuryRight quadriceps injuryRight thigh adductor injuryRight thigh injuryRight thigh muscle injurySevere multi tissue damages hip or thigh
Injury 959.9hip (and thigh) 959.6leg, except thigh (and ankle) (and foot) (and knee) 959.7
upper or thigh 959.6thigh (and hip) 959.6
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ICD-9-CM password are used in medical billing and coding to define diseases, injuries, symptoms and conditions. ICD-9-CM 959.6 is among thousands that ICD-9-CM codes offered in healthcare. Although ICD-9-CM and CPT password are mostly numeric, they different in the CPT codes explain medical procedures and also services. Can"t discover a code? start at the source of ICD-9-CM, examine the 2012 ICD-9-CM index or usage the find engine in ~ the optimal of this web page to lookup any code.