Never try to outrace a train come a crossing. Trains need a very long street to come to a stop. Always yield come them. Railway crossings are significant with signs. They can also have mechanical or electric warning devices.

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Advance warning signs

These indicators tell you to look, listen and reduce speed since you may need to stop because that a train. The rate sign listed below the breakthrough warning sign is the recommended rate for the rail crossing. It will be much less than the posted rate for the road.


Railway crossing ahead, rate limit 30 km/hr

Pavement markings

Pavement markings, such as an X and/or protect against line, might be significant on the pavement in ~ the technique to some railway crossings. If you need to stop for a train, perform it prior to the avoid line.


Railway crossing ahead

Railway cross signs

These signs are found at all public railway crossings. A railway cross sign way drivers should yield to all trains. If there is an ext than one railway track, the crossing authorize will show the variety of tracks. You have to stop once a train is clearly shows or sounding a signal and also approaching in ~ 500 metres (about 5 city blocks) of the crossing.


Railway crossing sign

Railway crossing signs with a prevent sign

A protect against sign at a railway crossing requires the driver to come to a finish stop between five metres (15 feet) and also 15 metres (50 feet) native the nearest rail. Execute not continue until you room sure a train is no approaching.


Railway crossing authorize with a prevent sign

Flashing red light signals and also bell

Red light signals are used with railway indicators at plenty of rail crossings. Stop once the lights start to flash and the bells ring because a train is approaching. The driver that the vehicle nearest the crossing have to stop at least 5 metres back from the nearest rail. Perform not proceed until the lights and also bells have actually stopped, and the train has passed or has involved a finish stop. If there is much more than 1 track, be sure all the tracks room clear prior to crossing.


Railway crossing v flashing red irradiate signals and also bell

Gates (arms), lights and bells

Gates are supplied with red light signals and bells at some railway crossings. Remain stopped till the gateways are raised, the lights protect against flashing and also the bells prevent ringing.

Follow these safety and security tips at any time you are driving close to railway tracks:

execute not obtain trapped on the railway tracks at a railway crossing. Wait on the strategy to the crossing and cross only once you are sure you have the right to clear the crossing. As soon as the last vehicle of a train passes the crossing, make sure that another train is no coming prior to you relocate ahead. A second train can come on another track from a various direction. You may not have the ability to hear the 2nd train because of the noise that the an initial one. Never drive approximately the gates. If the gate is down, or elevating or lowering, execute not cross the tracks. If your car has a typical (manual) transmission, carry out not adjust gears while cross the tracks. If friend cannot finish the shift, your car could be stalled on the tracks. If your vehicle stalls on a railway crossing, gain everyone out of the vehicle and also away native the monitor immediately. If a train is coming move well away from her vehicle and also away from the tracks. If possible, go in the direction where the train is approaching. This will protect against you from gift hit v flying debris if the train access time the stalled vehicle. During bad weather or in ~ night, be alert for development railway warning and also railway signs. Drive at a speed that will permit you to be able to stop in ~ the distance clearly lit by your headlights.

Remember, it might take a kilometre or much more for a train come stop, also under full emergency braking. The security of you and also your passenger depends entirely on you, the driver.

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If Your car Stalls top top The rail Crossing, ______ The Track.

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