I have asked an Isreali male "You said the video was comprewildtv.coming. In what sense?" he said, "emotionally and in that it points the end the problems with this laws."

Here I intend the "in what sense" was construed as "in what way".

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However, once I observed the an interpretation of "as in", I saw the following:As in: (idiomatic, conjunctive) In the sense of.

E.g. "bow" as in the weapon, no the former of a ship

Here i think "in the feeling of" is favor "having the meaning of", although i am no sure.

And so as soon as I inquiry "in what sense", what I intended was, "what execute you typical by using that word" "what does the word that you provided mean?"

So what"s the correct expertise of "in what sense" "in the sense of"? walk it typical "in what way", "what does it mean", or both?

Sorry if this sound a little bit complicated.

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There space two different phrases in your question.

The an initial is: in what sense which, as you appropriately surmise, is another means of speak in what way.

The 2nd is: as in, a expression that is usually used come introduce an instance or category, i beg your pardon you illustrate correctly.

Most the the time, rather of speak as in, you might say referring to, signifying or meaning.

So you could say to someone, ns am interested in the beginnings of words sow together in (meaning, introduce to) seeds quite than sew (referring to, signifying) together in clothes.

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