ALTER BRIDGE's note TREMONTI: 'I Don't believe In organized Religion'

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Pitcam TV recently carried out an interview with ALTER BRIDGE guitarist Mark Tremonti. You have the right to watch the entire chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by

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On the writing procedure for the band"s new studio album, "Walk The Sky":

Mark: "Me and Myles <Kennedy, vocals> composed our very own songs on ours own, climate we placed them into Dropbox for this reason the band could hear it. Usually, me and Myles obtain together and also piece our concepts together, we compose together, but this time we composed apart and also came together with the remainder of the band and also let everybody put their two cents into it. We came right into the studio through much much more well-rounded, polished, perfect ideas, i beg your pardon is different than we generally do."

On the spirituality that the members of ALTER BRIDGE:

Mark: "I think we"re all spiritual in our own different ways. Ns don"t think in arranged religion. i don"t take strictly to what the holy bible says. Ns don"t walk to church, but I have my very own beliefs. Once I write lyrics, it has nothing yes, really to carry out with that. I composed a song about drug use; I created a song about my friend passing away; simply random things."

On how ALTER BRIDGE decides even if it is Tremonti will sing command vocals on a song:

Mark: "Some civilization online were, like, "Is Mark going to sing on one more song? We chosen it as soon as he sang on "Fortress", but he didn"t ~ above "The last Hero". Civilization talk. I"m constantly down for singing; i love come sing. Also when I"m no on stage, i sing karaoke because that fun. i love to sing. The pressure is not on me together a singer due to the fact that I"m thought of greatly as a etc player, however I love to sing. I create vocal melodies — it"s mine favorite point to do. Once we were putting the song together, Myles was, like, "Hey, why don"t you song a song? How about "Forever Falling" or "Tear united state Apart"?" "Forever Falling" is just one of my favorites. We had actually to take it the song and also pitch it down a totality step. I composed the melodies, but I compose the melodies therefore I have the right to hit the "Myles note." ns tuned the down and when I went to sing it, even tuned down, the melody I had written for the chorus walk up as well high because that my voice, so Myles sings the chorus and also I song the rest. I like it that way. It"s a marriage of ours voices."

On whether "Walk The Sky" is the "heaviest" album of ALTER BRIDGE"s career:

Mark: "I don"t understand if it"s the heaviest. "Fortress" and also "AB III" are simply heavy. A couple of people today have said it"s heavy. It"s funny, some people are, like, "It"s an ext of an uplifting record. It"s not as dark together what you"ve done." Then we did an interview wherein they said, "This is more than likely your darkest record." It relies on where you gravitate in the record. Wherever you"re attracted to. If "Indoctrination" is your favorite song, it"s a dark record. If "Tear us Apart" or "Godspeed" is, it"s much more positive."

On even if it is his solo band, TREMONTI, and also Kennedy"s gig in SLASH v MYLES KENNEDY and also THE CONSPIRATORS have actually influenced ALTER BRIDGE:

Mark: "In a roundabout way, I"m certain it does. Act that"s made me a stronger or much more confident lyricist and singer and composer. When you take on the entire responsibility of something because that so numerous records, it provides you "I have the right to do this." periodically when you"re in a band even for years, you autumn into a duty and you just play that role. Once you take on every those duties in your solo project, you feel confident in tackling noþeles that"s thrown at you."

"Walk The Sky" to be released on October 18 via Napalm Records.

ALTER BRIDGE recently completed a co-headlining tour through SKILLET.

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