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If you’re wanting to reap Chipotle for new Year’s night or brand-new Year’s Day, then us have an excellent news. Chipotle is open both days, but it’s closing early on on brand-new Year’s Eve.

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Chipotle Is Closing early on on brand-new Year’s eve 2020

A representative native Chipotle confirmed with hefty that all Chipotle restaurants will be closing at an early stage Thursday, December 31 in ~ 8 p.m. Regional time.

This will permit employees to still celebrate new Year’s Eve, while also offering Chipotle for world wanting that prior to ringing in the brand-new Year. Therefore if you’re wanting Chipotle on new Year’s Eve, make sure you stop by early prior to it closes or acquire in your delivery order early.

Chipotle Is open on brand-new Year’s day 2021

A representative indigenous Chipotle shown with that every Chipotle areas will be open for their regular business hours on brand-new Year’s work 2021.

Unlike Christmas Day, as soon as Chipotle was closed, all places will be open on brand-new Year’s Day. So this is good news if you’re not wanting to chef on new Year’s, however would favor to enjoy Chipotle instead.All the Chipotle’s delicious offerings will certainly be available again, including barbacoa, chicken, steak, carnitas, veggies, and also more.

Chipotle is right now offering merch the you can acquire if friend love the brand. These incorporate cozy tees, jackets, tops, energetic gear, and bags. Right currently the offerings incorporate a Pepper Bomber Jacket, a Pepper Jean Jacket, an Avocado Jean Jacket, and also special t-shirts with various sayings, such together a “custom stimulate tee,” a pepper bag tee, a burrito pocket tee, an extra pocket tee, and tees that just read “chipotle” on the front. Chipotle even has button-up shirts, crewneck sweatshirts, weekender duffle bags, Chipotle-themed slides, foil duffle bags, Chipotle-themed leggings, themed water bottles, pajama pants, and even Chipotle-themed joggers.

Join Chipotle Rewards for Specials & to knife Points

If you join Chipotle Rewards, you have the right to earn point out for cost-free food in ~ Chipotle restaurants everywhere. You’ll knife points v each of your purchases and you’ll likewise receive a surprised for her birthday.

With Chipotle Rewards, you’ll obtain 10 points for every $1 spent, and also you’ll get free Chipotle when you fight 1250 points (every time.) over there are also days as soon as you earn more points because that ordering certain items or you could get bonus points because that trying miscellaneous new. So save an eye on the Rewards specials that space being readily available from time to time.

Chipotle’s Instagram account additionally posts specials from time come time that you can not see anywhere else. For this reason this is a good account to monitor if you’re searching for specials.

Chipotle has actually been cultivating safe COVID-19 dining and also takeout since the pandemic began.

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Wear a mask. Eat burritos. (Not in ~ the very same time lol) #GuacIsExtraButSoIsMiley

— Miley beam Cyrus (

You deserve to read about all their safety precautions here. Precautions incorporate hand sanitizer because that guests, challenge masks for all crew members, handwashing every 30 minutes, and also a devoted dining room steward come ensure consistent cleaning and to help with social distancing. Contactless pickup and delivery options are still easily accessible for customers, together with tamper-evident bags v packing seals and also daily health checks for employees.