Someones choose teachers in my country says power is vector and scalar .

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Is the true ?Anyone have the right to prov that ?
Energy is a scalar. If it to be a vector climate conservation of power would fail during uniform circular activity in a radial potential and also many various other situations.
My girlfriend in physics discipline and some teacher in college !I find web and find this :>I"m confused .

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Answer2:Yes. Energy is a scalar and also a vector. Power is a Quaternion quantity consisting that a scalar and also three vectors, forming a 4D quantity.Early scientists started v scalar quantities. With Faraday"s field theory (directed lines), vectors came right into physics.However, the early definition of power as scalar persisted to this day.Vector energy is all about us, yet we space blinded by dogma. F.D is called energy, yet FxD is vector energy yet is referred to as Torque.I think us are about to background the blindness. "Dark Energy" in Astronomy is vector energy. The Dark energy is cmV = cP. Below is vector energy, momentum energy. Momentum is a vector and also Momentum energy cP is additionally a vector. A scalar c times a vector is a vector ! If there is vector momentum, there should be vector energy!The correct Equation turn off Gravitation energy is E = -mGM/r + mcV = -mu/r + cP.Newton walk not encompass the vector energy cP=cmV. This was tantamount to saying the fixed m, had velocity zero , E= -mu/r + mc0. Such is not the case. This is favor saying the planet is orbiting the sunlight with velocity 0, as soon as it is relocating at 30km/s. It is the vector power cmV that provides the centrifugal pressure to store the planet from falling right into the sun. That is the vector energy that is the "dark Energy" the is the anti-gravity (centrifugal) force. Vector Energy clears teh mystery of "Dark Energy".Newton"s Three laws are acquired from this vector energy, the Newton incorporated.Force F = XE = m<-u/r , cV>F = mAt Equilibrium 0 = F and DELxV=0 meaning R and also V are parallel and. The is essential that DELxV =0 because that the vectors to amount to zero.The an outcome is0 = mEquilibrium condition exists when v/c=1 or v=c.Newton"s Equal and also Parallel expression comes form0 = m(dV/dt + u/r3 R) come from0 = cdV/dr - DEL u/rNewto added the term "mdV/dt" a vector, before vectors, This ax is the vector power P=cmV and dcP/dr = cmdV/cdt = mdV/dt, voila!It is time to identify that we live in a 4D Universe and also Energy is a 4D Quantity.