WandaVision star Kathryn Hahn is one actress that have the right to do it all. And also her husband, Ethan Sandler, has been by she side her entire career.

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Kathryn Hahn might not be a family name (yet), however she’s soon recognizable for being a scene-stealer in shows favor Crossing Jordan, Transparent, Happyish, and WandaVision. The 47-year-old actress has likewise appeared in dozens of movies like Anchorman: The Legend that Ron Burgundy and Bad Moms. Transparent her entire career, fellow actor and producer Ethan Sandler has actually been by she side. Here’s everything you should know about Kathryn Hahn’s husband.

Born top top December 4, 1972, Ethan Sandler got his start as an actor with small parts on well-known TV shows choose Sex and the City and Will & Grace. He also had recurring duties alongside Hahn on Crossing Jordan (he play ADA Jeffrey Brandau) and Transparent. Additionally, he appeared in movie such together The Bourne Supremacy and The Princess Diaries.

Eventually, Sandler transitioned come working mainly behind the camera, serving together a writer/producer on comedy shows like My Boys, Whitney, and New Girl. In 2017, he signed a transaction to sign up with the CBS sitcom guy With a Plan as executive producer, i m sorry he operated on until the sitcom’s cancellation in 2020.

Kathryn Hahn and also Ethan Sandler have Been Married because 2002

Ethan Sandler met Kathryn Hahn in college at Northwestern University, wherein both were researching theater. The pair instantly hit it off and also started living v each various other in the dorms. ~ graduation, the couple moved to new York City to start pursuing their acting careers.

Hahn, that trained post-college in ~ the call Yale institution of Drama, admits that she was naïve and insecure around herself once she was just beginning out. As soon as asked what advice she’d give her enlarge self, Hahn said IndieWire:

“If ns could’ve shaken hands with that awesome, insecure, passionate, 22-year-old that moved to new York, i would have actually told her that very same thing. The person I knew that knew could do it, that was really passionate. I knew she want to perform plays and she want to practice ‘Hamlet’ in ~ 2:00 in the morning and also was all messy and passionate and chain-smoking in some theater group, however thought the she simply wasn’t quite polished or an excellent enough to make it in the business. Due to the fact that you’re trying to be somebody you’re not, rather of just being that you are.”

Hahn and Sandler married in 2002. The couple lived together in new York City’s Hell’s Kitchen. In the mid-2000s—when both of your careers were starting to take off—they moved to Los Angeles, wherein they quiet live today. They have actually two youngsters together, Leonard, born in 2006, and Mae, born in 2009.

“I live a pretty regular life,” Hahn said Parade in 2018. “I have cute kids and a hubby forever and also two dogs and also a rabbit and now a hamster. We’re turning into animal hoarders. Therefore I have this well-off and an innovative life but likewise a regular life, and I’ve to be able to save the 2 separate and also holy. I don’t do social media either.”

In addition to their kids, Hahn and also Sandler love taking care of animals. “We’re fostering kittens currently,” she said W Magazine last year. “This is our third litter. Mine 11-year-old encouraged me it would be a good thing come do because there space a the majority of shelters that require help. But, friend know, you walk right into my guest room, and it’s urine-town best now, because that sure. However it’s cute as hell.”

Because of his familiar last name, many world assume Ethan Sandler is concerned funnyman Adam Sandler. Yet while they perform bear a little bit of a resemblance (we think lock could completely pass as cousins), the reality is the they room not related. The fact that they share a surname is merely a coincidence.

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While functioning behind the camera may not come with as lot celebrity fanfare and red carpet glamor together acting, Ethan Sandler has actually done an extremely well because that himself. He’s estimated to have a net worth the $3 million, which almost doubles when coupled v his wife’s reported network worth the $2 million.

But regardless of their Hollywood success, Hahn claims she and Sandler execute their ideal to keep their family members life together normal and private as possible. “I love being mom to those two kids and also I love mine husband and also my dogs and also my rabbit,” she said The Independent in 2018. “Being a parental is beautiful chaos, and not at all like exactly how you imagine.”