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Acting because his teens, Michael Pitt might not be known by mainstream audiences however his filmography is tho a vivid one, completed v movies of all kinds. This list names the peak ten.

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Whenever i ask people if they’ve heard of Michael Pitt, many of them speak “is the Brad Pitt’s brother?” and also the answer is no, he shares no relation to Brad Pitt. Just making that clear before I start.

Critical acclaim:Though praising its psychic themes ~ above murder and also youth crime, the film received a mixed reception for its pacing and for, a much better lack the word, exploitation the teenage sexuality and violence. It received four nominations and also won three.

About the role:Focusing top top a group of adolescents who murder a regional bully, Michael Pitt is just one of the an ext insane ones called Donny. An innocent dope-head that’s additionally borderline psychotic. Imagine if the Tasmanian evil one from the Looney Tunes had a love kid with Michael Scott native The Office.

Though the murder of Bobby Kent to be a team effort, Donny to be the an initial to stab the victim, offering the rather the insolence to complete him off. According to referee from the real-life hearing, Donny “delivered a stab wound come Kent’s neck that started the homicidal frenzy.”

Simply the best:Based top top the actual murder ofBobby Kent, Bully complies with a group of adolescents who decide to death him because they can’t stand his cruelty any longer. Kent’s childhood finest friend, Marty, and Marty’s girlfriend space the brains behind the act, yet they recruitment a pair more to help. It’s one insane story because they have no idea what they’re doing, do it exceptionally realistic.

Rather than altering what happens to do it an ext appealing because that audiences, manager Larry Clark adheres to the story come the point, so lot so that it’s uncomfortable come watch. Over there is other disturbing around this movie, and it’s not simply the plot. There are times when it feels virtually too genuine to watch. Watching a house movie showing kids getting high and also questioning what it could feel like to death someone, filming their sloppy murder and blundering attempts to gain away through it.

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6. Delirious

Release date:August15,2007

Box office: an approximated $659, 589 deserve worldwide

Critical acclaim:Hollywood loves movies about Hollywood so, that course, this got glowing reviews. Director and writer Tom DiCillo won a pair awards and also the movie was nominated for also more.

About the role: Toby is homeless but constantly chooses to view the bright next of everything. That sees a opportunity to acquire a job and also a location to stay when he befriends Les, a neurotic paparazzi photographer, play by the amazing Steve Buscemi. Michael Pitt’s Toby is who who quickly falls into lucky circumstances and lazily goes with the flow until hegrasps his chance to come to be one that the Hollywood elite and purposely actions over his new friend. Yet even together he’s backstabbing Les he’s therefore nice around it the it’s difficult to hate him.

Simply the best:Everyone hates the paparazzi, also the paparazzi us if this movie is something to go by. A hilarious satire around the glamour and also stains the Hollywood, the no hope lengths human being will go to sign up with the rich and also beautiful at the top, while also hating those exact same rich and also beautiful civilization for being well known without any kind of legitimate factor (*cough the Kardashians *cough)

The story come off together funny but underneath it’s a bit depressing. Buscemi do the efforts so tough to do it big but he’s also socially challenged to be about others. He’s warm one minute climate cold the next, unable to do the personal connections compelled to do it huge anywhere.

The main point of the movie is the relationship between Toby and Les who build a harmful friendship that’s co-dependent on one side and emotionally damaging top top the other. It’s simply as much about friendship together it is about how ours social demands to be successful have the right to potentially damage our ability to affix with others.

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5. Rob the Mob

Release Date:March 21, 2014

Box Office:Grossed just $208,693

Critical acclaim:Rob the Mob received vital acclaim, earning one 87% on Rotten Tomatoes.

About the role:Based top top the true story of Thomas and Rosemarie Uva, a married pair from Queens called the modern day Bonnie and also Clyde, that were daring sufficient to plunder clubs own by both the Gambino and Bonanno crime families. Tommy Uva, an aggressive but affectionate Bronx native, is a significant divert from what Michael Pitt is supplied to.

No psychopaths or disturbed minds, however a reckless boy with a enthusiasm for thievery and a heart of gold. Possibly the just movie wherein Pitt permits his comedic abilities come show. Tommy falls somewhere in between gangster and wanna-be gangster.

Simply the best:DirectorRaymond De Felitta throw in light-hearted comedy to different it from various other crime/robbery movies, putting much more focus ~ above the 2 lovers 보다 the really robberies. A movie prefer this would go nowhere without its 2 leads, relying heavily on their on-screen chemistry and also the audience rooting because that them.

It additionally shows a various side of the mafia us don’t typically see in movies. Rather of a violent enterprise, the men who when ran brand-new York are old and also tired, the Don has seen sufficient violence in his life and also spends every his power bonding through his grandson.

The chemistry in between Pitt and actress Nina Arianda feels prefer two people who’ve operated together for years and also hooked increase a few times turn off camera, also though the 2 actors had never met before Rob the Mob. It’s a hidden gem that a movie that’s straightforward to gain into.

But seriously, how dumb perform you need to be to rob the lot wearing nothing but sunglasses? he doesn’t even mask his distinctive heavy Bronx accented voice.

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4. Funny Games

Release Date:March 14, 2008

Box Office:A approximated 8.2 million

Critical acclaim: Both the initial Funny Games and its remake got a mixed reception, v most doubters not see the point of together a sadistic premise.The Timesof London ranked it #25 ~ above its 100 Worst movies of 2008 list, calling that “art-house torture porn.” The film received a full of 6 nominations, Michael Pitt obtained a best Supporting Actor and also Best gibbs nomination but didn’t success either one.

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About the role: A reality portrayal of a psychopath, incapable of feeling and also comprehending emotion and smiling at totally inappropriate times. Yet one more Leopold and Loeb influenced movie through some twisted “Murder Husbands” steal the show. Michael Pitt is the much more dominant one of the pair, Paul, who is both posed and also cruel as he creates a collection of rules that his victims have to follow climate becomes politely offended when they don’t follow them. He’s a movie villain who knows he’s in a movie and also uses it come his advantage, making that unbeatable.

Simply the best:A remake of the 1997 variation of the exact same name by the initial director, I have actually never heard that a director remaking his own movie untilFunny Games. Both versions room popularly disliked amongst many movie fans because of the well known “rewind scene” and also how the character division the fourth wall. Not simply two hours of extreme sadism, however a satire ~ above violence as its portrayed in the media together a whole.

Two young males invite themselves into a family’s home and also terrorize them, acting like it’s a game. Together opposed to other house invasion movies, no member the the family is ex-militia or some retired CIA agent. They’re continuous people and also can’t execute anything yet cry and also ask “why” throughout their terrorizing ordeal.

One the the many suspenseful movie I’ve ever before seen, its slow scenes traction on the horror of the situation, and also the two villains absence of emotion make it worse. Michael Pitt’s evil smile is horribly unsettling.

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3. The Dreamers

Release Date:February 4, 2004

Box Office:$14,082,883 worldwide

Critical acclaim:Praised because that its story, performances, and also themes the sex and also love, the film was well received, gaining a complete of 11 nominations.

About the role:Mathew, one American exchange college student in Paris, gets in way over his head as soon as he becomes one-third of an erotic triangle. French twins, Isabelle and also Theo, room two halves the the exact same person and Mathew is their good love. A an excellent performance by Michael Pitt, that is able to come off together a wide-eyed stranger transitioning into a weary man exhausted of the continuous troubles happening approximately him.

Simply the best: Caution for all who fear full frontal nudity due to the fact that nothing stays covered through the end, certain nothing. If I had seen this in 3-D, I’d be fear of Eva Green’s humongous breasts poking among my eyes out. Directed by taboo sexual tasks enthusiast, Bernardo Bertolucci, made renowned forLast Tango in Paris, a movie that brought him both critical praise and also legal trouble. The Dreamers may not be as controversial or cringe-worthy, yet its subject issue is the insignia of taboo.

Based on the novel, “The divine Innocents” by Gilbert Adair, The Dreamersrevolves roughly a three-way relationship between a brother and sister and their American friend. Collection during the 1968 Paris student riots, Mathew drops in love through both siblings, intellectually in love through the brother and also romantically in love through the sister.

The film is controversial because that a pair of reasons, the incestuous relationship between Isabelle and also Theo, the masculine full-frontal nudity, and also the implied homosexual connection happening between the two boys are simply some examples. They’re lot of of philosophical discussions and borderline pornographic sex to go around. It’s a beautiful story that feels favor visual poetry.

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2. I, Origins

Release Date:January 18, 2014, in ~ the Sundance film Festival and also July18,2014, in the remainder of the US.

Box Office:Grossed $475,591 against a $1 million budget

Critical acclaim:I, Origins in its entirety received mixed reviews for being uneven however was nominated for five awards, winning best Film in ~ the Catalonian international Film Festival and also Feature movie Prize at the Sundance movie Festival.

About the role: MichaelPitt plays a nerdy however determined molecular biologist called Dr. Ian Gray obsessed v the eye. He likewise has a bug up his butt about disproving God. He’s spent his life trying come disprove religious beliefs by recognize the evolutionary steps in structure the human being eye, refuting the debate that eyes are windows to the soul. His beliefs are tested when the meets a spiritual girl who believes in everything named Sofi.

Simply the best:A movie that lets science and the spiritual people go head-to-head. I, Origins is a flawed however beautiful story that works hard to convince the audience the the soul’s everlasting life, stating that even when who is unable to do they’re no really gone since they’ve just woken up as a various person in a different life. Anyone that believes in reincarnation will certainly absolutely love this movie, and also what makes it unique is how they prove the soul’s rebirth.

The person eye is favor fingerprints, no 2 irises room the same, meaning it’s impossible for two human being to have identical eyes. So, if two different world have the same eye pattern then they re-publishing the exact same soul, at the very least according to the movie.

When a loved one dies, Ian struggles with accepting the possibility that they can have been reborn together a seven-year-old girl in India once their eyes match in color and also iris pattern. It’s a usual spiritual vs. Science film wrapped increase in such a mesmerizing story that speaks come the heart and the love alone. Halfway v the film, you’ll forget which next you’re on, the strict factual next or the life is eternity side due to the fact that the tale of love and also loss speaks so much louder 보다 that.

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1. Hedwig and the upset Inch

Release Date:July 20, 2001

Box Office:Only made half it’s $6 mill budget ago with an approximated $3.6 million

Critical acclaim:Received glowing reviews and also was nominated for multiple awards, consisting of a gold Globe for finest Performance in a Comedy or Musical.

About the role:Though he doesn’t have a heavy amount of display screen time, Michael Pitt’s character lingers throughout the entire film together a haunting figure in the life of the main character. A awkward bumpkin turned absent star, Tommy Speck/Gnosis is the “other half” of transgender rocker, Hedwig, however that doesn’t avoid him from taking complete credit that the song they created together.

Pitt does a an excellent job v his portrayal that Tommy, yet it isn’t challenging in the demands. The personality is no different from some of his various other roles approximately this time, such asMurder through Numbers, The Village, and Bullywhere he was either sweet and dopey or shy and also selfish.

Simply the best:Writer, director, and also actor man Cameron Mitchell, created the off-Broadway rock and roll music “Hedwig and also the upset Inch” in 1998 the was motivated by his childhood and an individual experiences. The character very first appeared at the drag-punk nightclub in NYC, The Squeezebox, where she ended up being a large audience pleaser. The present was popular sufficient to relocate theentire production to mrs Street Theatre, wherein it gathered a devoted cult following and also was ultimately made right into a movie that acquired its own devoted following.

Mitchell wrote, directed and starred in the movie about an eastern German “slip of a girly boy” named Hedwig that survives a botched sex readjust operation, leave her v an “angry fifty percent inch.” She concerns America and also struggles to find success in music job while searching for her other half. She later meets and falls in love through Tommy, only to have actually him steal her music and leave she behind.

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Hedwig feeling incomplete and believes that only her other fifty percent can to fill in the empty spaces. The story from Plato’s “Symposium” telling the beginning of heart matesappears periodically throughout the film in the type of illustrations and musical numbers such as “Origin the Love.” The story represents she for she is someone break-up in half between genders.

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