Rhett Akins return this weekend come Wild Adventures. The Lowndes High school graduate plays the concert v his son, thomas Rhett.

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In this picture from cutting board Rhett’s website, father and also son, Rhett Akins and Rhett, re-publishing a lot younger moment on stage. Now the father opens for his young shows.


Thomas Rhett joins his father, Rhett Akins, because that a country music concert this weekend in ~ Wild Adventures.

Rhett Akins has come a long method since his days play Lowndes High college football yet not so much that Valdosta no still feel choose home.

Granted, he’s to be a country music star and also a effective songwriter through plenty of Music City credentials for more than two decades, but he tho has family here. Two months ago, Lowndes education Improvement structure named Akins together its 2014 distinguished Alumnus. This weekend, he and his son, country star cutting board Rhett, play Wild Adventures. They space dedicating the Valdosta performance to a cousin facing Cystic Fibrosis.

Yet even with hit songs such as his recordings, “That Ain’t my Truck,” “She claimed Yes,” “Don’t obtain Me Started,” “Drivin’ mine Life Away,” and with his songwriting credits for nation stars such together Brooks & Dunn, Blake Shelton, Billy Currington and his son, Akins characteristics his occupational ethic to what that learned from southern Georgia family and also on the Lowndes High football field.

“My coaches instilled in me hard principles of never quitting, never offering up,” Akins says.

With his partner in the Peach Pickers, Akins’ songwriting credits include country hits prefer “Put a Girl In It,” “Barefoot and Crazy,” “Gimme the Girl,” “All around Tonight,” “Honey Bee,” “Boys ’Round Here,” “Take a ago Road,” “Hey Girl,” and also many more.

To produce this many hits, Akins always writes songs. He estimates that in the previous year, he’s created 160 songs.

“That’s what’s in my notebook. ... I’m not the many talented singer. I’m no the many talented guitar player,” he says. “I’m no the most talented writer, but I compose a lot.”

He compares creating a hit tune to recording fish.

“I compare it to capturing a fish,” Akins says. “If ns lay in bed, I’m not going to capture a fish. If I gain up and also go come the pond, well, my odds of recording a fish instantly go up 50 percent. Ns treat songwriting together a job.”

A 24-7 job

If an idea strikes while at dinner, that stops and texts it come himself. No matter when, Akins need to stop and write the down, or he knows from suffer he will forget the idea.

“You just got to display up and also be there.”

In enhancement to his success, it has been interesting watching the climb of his son, thomas Rhett, in the same field.

As for his son’s phase name, Akins defines that he, the father, is called Thomas Rhett Akins Sr., when the son is called Thomas Rhett Akins Jr. Despite twenty years in the country-fame business, civilization still misspell Akins’ critical name, or castle think he’s concerned other country stars such as Chet Atkins. With nation music already having a Rhett Akins, a Chet Atkins, a map Adkins, and also a Rodney Atkins, Akins recommend his son to embrace his an initial and middle names for the stage: cutting board Rhett.

Initially, the name change gave the boy some distance from his dad in the exact same field. It permitted Thomas Rhett to construct in his own right. All while Akins provided his boy advice.

“At first, he referred to as me everyday, sometimes a couple of time a day, however that was two years ago when he was starting,” Akins says. “Now he has it under control, but I do, i still sell advice. He’ll email me a song and also I give him input. ... However it’s not about me with him. Any kind of advice I provide him, it all starts from I want him to be as effective as he have the right to be.”

Rhett Akins and also Thomas Rhett are among the only, if not the only, father and son working independently in nation music. Occasionally, they sign up with one another on stage. Once Akins attends one of his boy shows, thomas Rhett usually invites his dad on stage, however they rarely carry out together.

At Wild Adventures, father and son setup playing with each other on stage, as well as play their own sets that music.

Akins notes the the Wild Adventures present illustrates the adjust of status for father and also son. Akins claims with pride, “Now, he’s the headliner and I’m the opening act.”


Rhett Akins and Thomas Rhett perform.

When: 8 p.m. Saturday, June 7.

Where: Wild Adventures template Park, Old Clyattville Road.

Admission: show is contained in continuous park admission; booked seating is accessible for an additional price.

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More information: Visit www.wildadventures.com

Note: Seventy guests who donated in advancement through cutting board Rhett’s website for the concert’s charity fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis will gain to meet father and also son prior to the show and receive a signed photograph.