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Aqueous services is a type of solution where in the solvent is water. It is typically labelled together (aq) after the compound. For example HCl (aq). This also means that the solutes is liquified in water.

There space kinds the aqueous solutions: ionic and also molecular. Ionic aqueous solution...

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Aqueous remedies is a type of systems where in the solvent is water. The is typically labelled as (aq) ~ the compound. For example HCl (aq). This also way that the solutes is dissolved in water.

There space kinds that aqueous solutions: ionic and molecular. Ionic aqueous systems is when the solute is one ionic compound or splits into ions once in the solution. Molecular at the same time do not dissociate into ions in the solution.

In her problem, NaHCO3 or salt bicarbonate is an ionic compound therefore it develops ions in the solution. Therefore it is dubbed ionic solution.

it"s chemical equation is:

NaHCO3 ----> Na+ + HCO3-


Na+ and also HCO3- ion are developed when NaHCO3 is dissolved in water.

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