Can Guinea Pigs Eat Spinach?

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Spinach is great for you, yet is it good for your guinea pig?

A fast search reveals combined results, through some stating that spinach is an awesome superfood the guinea pigs should eat often, and others pointing out that spinach must be avoided fully since it can contribute to the formation of bladder and also kidney stones.

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The truth is somewhere in between these 2 extremes: Yes, guinea pigs deserve to eat spinach, yet no, they can not have unlimited amounts.

Our complete guide to spinach because that guinea pigs has actually all the answers you’ve been looking for, so store on reading!

Spinach Nutrition Stats

Spinach is called a superfood because that a very good reason: Like plenty of other leafy greens, the is wonderful source that antioxidants, and it likewise happens to be complete of vitamins and minerals.

A one-cup offer of raw spinach gives you about:

7 calories1 g carbohydrates7 g fiber.9 g protein.1 g fat

Spinach Nutritional Facts


Even though her guinea pig can’t eat unlimited amounts of spinach, you can want to put it on her own food selection a little much more often!

That same one-cup offer of raw spinach offers you approximately:

4 mg vitamin C2813 iu vitamin A167 mg potassium7 mg calcium7 mg magnesium.8 mg iron145 mcg vitamin K2 mcg folate7 mg phosphorus

Can Guinea Pigs have actually Spinach?

Yes, however spinach consists of a combination of oxalates and calcium that have the right to bind together and contribute to painful kidney stones and also bladder stones. Don’t provide your guinea pig much more than the encourage amount of spinach.

Just like other fruits and vegetables, spinach demands to be washed very well prior to being offered to her guinea pig. It’s crucial to remove any pesticide or herbicide that could be clinging to those leaves!

Is Spinach an excellent For Guinea Pigs?

Sure, in restricted amounts, spinach is an excellent source of iron, vitamin A, and other nutrients. Still, this is just one of those foods items where the phrase “too much of a good thing” certainly applies. It’s a wrong to feed too much spinach to her cavy.

Do Guinea Pigs prefer Spinach?

Yes, most guinea pigs reap nibbling on spinach. The best way to see if your cavy likes spinach is to sell a tiny little bit – just a tiny piece that one sheet – and see just how your pet responds.

How much Spinach have the right to A Guinea Pig Eat?


Not much! Spinach demands to be delighted in in small quantities on an occasional basis.

Here’s just how much spinach a come feed her guinea pig:

Baby guinea pigNone
Adult guinea pig1 or 2 little spinach leaves

Since spinach is nutritious it’s technically good for her guinea pig – yet you don’t want to boost their hazard of developing bladder or kidney stones.

Give her guinea pig just one or two of the smallest spinach pipeline in the bunch and enjoy the remainder yourself!

As you must when introducing all new foods, you’ll desire to carefully observe her guinea pig for about 12 hours after they’ve eaten spinach, simply to make sure that there are no indicators of gastric distress or diarrhea.

With together a small serving size, problem isn’t most likely – however it’s best to it is in on the safe side!

How often Can A Guinea Pig Eat Spinach?

If you’ve ever looked into just how often human being should eat spinach, you understand that this is a veggie we shouldn’t eat every solitary day – for the same factor guinea pigs must have a minimal intake!

Only provide your guinea pig spinach when or twice per week.

The correct Diet is Important

A guinea pig’s organic diet is no all that amazing – one an ext reason you deserve to feel OK about not feeding unlimited quantities of spinach! Wild guinea pigs eat several low-lying vegetation including grasses and also tender plants. You deserve to bet the they’d happy nibble top top spinach if castle encountered it but that’s no likely!

Here’s what to feed your guinea pig each day:

One cup the veggies: Mix irpari greens and also crunchy vegetables into a daily salad for her guinea pig. Division the salad in two or more portions come be available at various times transparent the day.

Here’s a fun fact that some new guinea pig parents are surprised to learn: Guinea pigs’ teeth prosper constantly and also need to it is in worn under by chewing.

Nibbling ~ above Timothy hay helps a bit however your guinea pig also needs difficult items come chew. Us recommend apple hardwood sticks and also hay cubes, together with safe guinea pig playthings to enrich her pet’s habitat. Her guinea pig should constantly have something come chew on.

What Are various other Healthy choices To Spinach In A Guinea Pig’s Diet?


Since guinea pigs can’t have actually spinach by the bushel, what have the right to they have actually instead? as it therefore happens, over there are numerous yummy veggies because that guinea pigs to try.

Here are some favorites:

asparagusartichokeswiss chardcarrotcarrot topsbasilcilantromintparsleyromainebeetsbeet topsarugulaendiveescarolecabbagebibb lettucebutter lettucebuttercrunch lettucecucumberzucchinipumpkinbell peppersummer squashparsnipsweet potatotomatobroccolibroccolinirocketgreen beanscauliflowerbrussels sproutswatercressbok choyyu choy

These are simply some that the many vegetables your guinea pig might like. There are numerous others, together with plenty of fruits that are safe in tiny quantities.

Giving her guinea pig spinach (in small amounts!) is a nice means to market a quick nutritional an increase while adding variety to your diet. Just keep our referrals in mind!

Frequently asked Questions

Is spinach for sure for guinea pigs?

Yes, in little quantities. So long as you to wash the leaves well, the OK to offer spinach to a guinea pig.

Can spinach do my guinea pig sick?

Since spinach can add to the formation of bladder and also kidney stones in guinea pigs, the really crucial not to market too much too often. If you provide just a leaf or two once or double per week, you will do it be on the best track.

Can guinea pigs eat infant spinach?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat baby spinach. Stick to the recommended serving size and also remember to wash the pipeline well!

Can guinea pigs have cooked spinach?

No. Don’t offer cooked food to your guinea pig. This has canned spinach – it isn’t good for her pet, either.

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Can guinea pigs eat frozen spinach?

No. Frozen spinach isn’t safe for guinea pigs. Just offer her pet fresh spinach.