According come scooper Daniel Richtman, Barry Jenkins’ sequel to The Lion King will certainly be starting production in September of 2021.

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A sequel to the 2019 remake, the film is at this time casting because that actors come play the functions of young Scar and Mufasa.
For both of these characters, the studio is in search of young actors to pat the characters between the eras of 8 and 13.The film to be officially announced throughout Disney Investor work in December. Despite it is a sequel, it to be rumored to explore the beginning of Mufasa, i m sorry this casting break down only confirms.
Though the 2019 remake was directed through Jon Favreau, Academy Award- winning manager Barry Jenkins will be in the director’s seat because that this film. He will be teaming up as soon as again through his cinematographer James Laxton.

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The film will certainly be produced by Adele Romanski and also Mark Ceryak. Production will start in Los Angeles ~ above September 6. Though no release date has to be officially announced, the is most likely that this will certainly be a theatrical release, quite than one going straight to Disney+.
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