Isaak Presley is a young multi-talented singer, influencer, and also actor famed for appearing on Disney's collection Stuck in the middle as Ethan Diaz. That is likewise popular ~ above TikTok and Instagram.

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Isaak Presley's parents

The entertainer to be born ~ above June 16th, 2002, in the US. Isaak Presley's dad, Lou Presley, to be the one that elevated him. In an interview with American Latino, the actor common that his father had him via surrogate and also brought that up together a single parent. Isaak Presley grew up in a two-person family, and also he does not have any type of siblings.

During Father's Day, Presley composed a lovely blog post appreciating his dad for whatever he's done to advanced him.

Lou Presley was once quite the entertainer himself. Prior to having Isaak, he was a dancer and actor.

Lou is that Cuban descent, and also Isaak's surrogate mommy is supposedly American, which makes Presley Cuban-American.

How old is Isaak Presley?

As that 2021, Isaak Presley's period is 18 years old. He celebrate his date of birth on June 16th every year.


The actor had his at an early stage schooling up to second grade in southern California. Afterwards, that started getting online education.


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Professional life

Isaak is a young talented actor and singer. That made his job debut in the film industry in 2011 with the comedy film Brooklyn Brothers to win the best as Bradley.

Following his amazing role in the film, he landing another function in 2012 in the TV series The new Normal play the character of Wilbur.

The gibbs gained much more recognition as soon as he released the single Cowboys Are men on YouTube. Because then, Isaak has appeared in a the majority of films and TV shows. He is most well-known for his functions in Fuller House and also Stuck in the Middle.

Isaak Presley's movies and TV shows

Here are few of the films and also television reflects he has played a function in.

2020: Hubie Halloween together Frankenstein kid2020: One nation Under God as David Guiterrez2017: Disney Channel Stars: DuckTales Theme tune as Isaak Presley2015: A history of Radness together Jack2015: A Killer of men as Boy2014: pro Wrestling family members as Alex2013: The advocates as Cable2011: Brooklyn Brothers to win the ideal as Bradley

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TV series2019-2020: total Eclipse together Axel2016-2020: Fuller residence as Bobby Popko2016-2018: stuck in the middle as Ethan Diaz2016: Nicky, Ricky, D*cky & Dawn together Derek Moses2015: OMG! together Jacques2015: Wet hot American Summer: first Day that Camp together Kyle2015: Austin & Ally as Max2014: instant Mon as Peety2013: Ghost Ghirls as Mikey Shelton2012: The new Normal as Wilbur

Isaak Presley's songs

Isaak Presley performs with his dad at the SOS Pre tour Launch Party organized at The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, California. Photo: Albert L. OrtegaSource: Getty Images

The gibbs is also an achieved guitarist. He is placing his talent to good use by performing, singing, and playing his initial songs in ~ a selection of events in southern California.

Presley right now has three singles out, namely around Love, mite Tock, and Be King. He additionally has a playlist top top his channel with main videos to his tracks, along with some covers.


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Who is Isaak Presley's girlfriend?

It is not clear if the gibbs is date anyone right currently or not. However, the actor has actually been associated in romantic relationships in the past.

His recent relationship was through Ziegler Mackenzie. Isaak Presley and Mackenzie Ziegler began dating in 2019 and also broke up in 2020. It to be rumoured that the factor for their split was the Isaak cheated on Kenzie.

Isaak Presley's cheating scandal was everywhere the internet; however, Mackenzie make the efforts to protect him come shut down the allegations. In his video, Presley refuse the cheating rumours and explained the case in detail.

Isaak has likewise dated Raelynn Harper, Carson Tiffany and Jenna Ortega.

Is Isaak Presley related to Elvis Presley?

Isaak Presley and also Elvis Presley room not associated in any method at all.

Height and weight

Isaak Presley's height is 5 feet 7 inch (174 cm), and he weighs 132 lbs (60kg). He has actually brown eyes and black hair.


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Isaak Presley attends the Freaky Friday brand-new York Premiere in ~ The Beacon Theatre in new York City. Photo: Monica SchipperSource: Getty Images

Net worth

Sources can not agree top top Isaak Presley's network worth. That said, many put the at roughly $1 million.

Social media

Isaak is really active and popular on various social media sites and has his self-titled channel on YouTube. His confirmed accounts are:

He is maybe most famous on YouTube (526k subscribers), tiktok (1.4m followers) and Instagram (1.6m followers).

Isaak was when a component of the popular TikTok house called The hype House. However, because 2020 he developed his own house by the name of Clubhouse for the guys (Clubhouse FTB), where he and several various other male tiktok creators collab on various videos.

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Isaak Presley is a young talented actor, influencer and musician that has managed to get fame and millions of followers over the year he's been in the industry. His videos ~ above YouTube and TikTok acquire thousands and sometimes even millions of views.

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