gun-garage ✉️ (42,538) 100%, Location: Siloam Springs, Arkansas, Ships to: US, Item: 353301684841 lot of Iver Johnson single Barrel Shotgun components Lot - 823. THIS article IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR kind VIOLATES any kind of OF EBAY"S POLICIES. This is one Iver Johnson single barrel shotgun components lot: create guard, hammer, strut assembly, optimal snap, lock, pins, left handed screw. All components sold need to be checked, installed, and assembled by a qualified and competent gunsmith as some components may or may not need fitting depending upon the tolerances enabled by the manufacturer, vintage, and also potential re-manufacturer (if one aftermarket piece). The total Garage has been servicing vintage firearms due to the fact that 1974 v a shop in the heart of Connecticut before moving come Arkansas in 1994. We have actually a the majority of experience, yet certainly don’t have actually all the answers. The being said, we’re constantly here to answer any and also all inquiries you may have actually as we truly enjoy helping folks out so please feel cost-free to “ask away!"Auction format Listings - we will absolutely integrate shipping for multiple auctions. If you don’t watch an invoice through a modification shipping charge, please execute not pay it or we will miss out on it in shipping. We will send friend a revised invoice in ~ 24 hrs of the auction closing.Guaranteed distribution Program - if her parcel is late and does no make the guaranteed timeline listed in the auction, eBay Inc. Is giving credit come our customers. Simply contact eBay’s customer organization at: 1 (866) 540-3229, permit them know your parcel is late, and also they have the right to take it from over there (usually in the form of eBay account credit). We accomplish the guidelines for this program since we typically ship the same or next organization day. Our highest possible STAR rating is our shipping and also handling time.RETURNS - vintage firearm contents can be very confusing at time which is why we have actually a Hassle-Free 30-Day return plan for any kind of REASON in ~ ALL:Did us make a mistake? points happen. You covered. Did we send girlfriend the dorn order? Whoops, sorry about that! you’re covered.Did you order the not correct part? the happens every the time. You’re covered. Discover it cheaper somewhere else? No problem! she covered.Return shipping is on us and also you’ll obtain a complete and total refund uneven the piece has been altered, damaged, used, or has exceeded the return meeting of 30 days native receipt in which instance you might receive just a partial refund in ~ our discretion. You have the right to start the return procedure by complying with the instructions found here: distribution - If the USPS has lost your item, we’ll do every initiative we deserve to to locate it. The USPS guidelines have a 21-Day policy for residential shipments before they deem lock “lost”. We normally replace/refund the bespeak sooner 보다 that however that’s approximately the perspective of the customer. We’re humans over below – if there’s a problem, please bring it to our attention, civilly, and we will fight tooth and also nail because that YOU, not versus you. Her sale is covered financially and if we deserve to replace a vintage component – we absolutely will.DAMAGED shipment - If you have received a package that has actually been damaged in shipment, please remit image of the label, parcel, damage, remaining components (if any) and also we will certainly take treatment of that ASAP.REFUNDS - Refunds are typically given the very same day (or the next business day) things is returned to us.International Bidders - per eBay policy, international bidders are compelled to furnish a domestic US attend to as us cannot ship firearm contents overseas. No exceptions.Since 1999, we have thoroughly took pleasure in our eBay customers and also aim to save serving friend folks for plenty of years to come. Be certain to inspect out our eBay save for various other items and weekly auctions: as always, we say thanks to YOU you for your continued business! -Al & EvanAll return accepted: return Accepted, Item should be reverted within: 30 Days, Refund will certainly be given as: Money Back, Return shipping will certainly be payment by: Seller, Brand: Iver Johnson Arms see More

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