The English nursing luck "Jack and also Jill" has actually several verses. The very first verse is:

Jack and Jill went increase the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack dropped down and also broke his crown, and Jill come tumbling after ~

What is Jack"s crown?


The most most likely answer, courtesy of Merriam-Webster:

: the greatest part: such as a : the topmost component of the skull or head

Other possible interpretations according to Albert Jack"s Pop goes the Weasel: The Secret an interpretation of Nursery Rhymes:

One famous suggestion for its beginning is that Louis XVI that France and his queen, the well known Marie Antoinette room Jack and also Jill. Yet the only real supporting proof for that is the idea the Jack broke (or lost) his crown and that Jill came tumbling after him, or at the very least her head did.

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He notes the the executions that the royal family members took location in 1793 and the poem was an initial published in 1795, which argues a potential causal link. In that case, the "crown" would be a literal meaning regal item of headwear.

He likewise says that Kilmersdon, a tiny village in Somerset, England, has declared to be the origin of the rhyme:

The story said in Kilmersdon is that throughout 1697 the town was residence to a young unmarried couple who go a most their courting increase on a hall, far from the prying eye of the local gossips. In turn Jill became pregnant, but just before the infant was born, Jack was eliminated by a absent that dropped off that the hill and also landed on his head. Only days later, Jill additionally died in childbirth.

So, in that case, the crown would certainly again be the top of the head.

Yet one more story lies in King Charles I"s attempt to revolutionary taxes ~ above alcohol.

Up until that point, wines and ales can be bought as a pint; a fifty percent pint, well-known as a "Jack"; or a 4 minutes 1 pint, known as "Gill" (pronounced the same means as the "gill" of a fist) — for this reason Jill. As the procedures came tumbling down, Charles had successfully gained his tax increase, as slightly less alcohol can then it is in bought for the same price.

Beer glass manufacturers, also today, frequently mark the half-pint note with a price of a crown as a symbol of the decrease. Thus, the "crown" would certainly be that reduced measure, v the "gill" an in similar way decreasing in pace.

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He has two much more mentions that origin, one noting that Shakespeare paired the surname of Jack and also Jill in A Midsummer Night"s Dreams, indicating the it can be a basic term for a generic man and also a woman, and also noting the Norse legend of Hjuki and also Bil, that stole a pail of water indigenous the Moon god, yet neither anecdote relates to the usage of "crown".