With 18 significant championship victories and 73 PGA tour wins, Jack Nicklaus is maybe the biggest rewildtv.comer of all time; he’s a true GOAT.

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As with any great athlete or human being in their respective field, Nicklaus did points a bit in different way than the competition. Not only as soon as it came to his approach to the game, his mental tenacity, or his rewildtv.com swing, but additionally with his devices of the trade. Throughout his career, Nicklaus’ rewildtv.com clubs to be designed a bit in different way than anyone else’s.

Recently ~ above our fully Equipped podcast, us spoke through Clay Long, Nicklaus’ rewildtv.com society designer throughout his career. While the whole interview with lengthy is well worth a hear below, his understanding into the gold Bear’s equipment setup was particularly fascinating.

Here are three things that set Nicklaus’ rewildtv.com clubs except anyone else.

1. Precision that the builds

According come Long, Nicklaus was the many exacting player v his rewildtv.com equipment that he ever before saw or operated with. When Nicklaus used mostly the same modern technology as his contemporaries, his clubs were developed to “very precise tolerances,” follow to Long, with “no yongin in weight.” legendary craftsman Don White ground Nicklaus’ irons and wedges come make sure they were precisely what the golden Bear needed and wanted. As long explains, White “was the best” at grind clubs. It provides sense that Nicklaus, the ideal rewildtv.comer on the planet, additionally had the finest club grinder in the civilization in his corner.

“It would certainly be hard to do any far better than that,” long said. “It didn’t adjust much, fixed at all year-to-year … the was precisely the very same each year.”

Obviously, consistency in rewildtv.com matters quite a bit, and Nicklaus retained things consistent, even with his equipment.

2. Flat soles

While many rewildtv.comers in the world use irons that have actually rounded soles to help with turf interaction and forgiveness, Nicklaus was using irons that had flat soles. He likewise liked a right leading edge, a sharp toe shape and also a little bit of offset.

Recently, Miura collaborated v Nicklaus ~ above limited-edition sets of irons the replicate the build of Nicklaus’ old MacGregor irons. Read much more on those Miura iron designs here.

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3. Rock-hard grips


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Underneath Nicklaus’ grips, lengthy says they supplied “coal tar pitch” — like something friend would use to build a roof — together the adhesive. The material would then be sanded down to perfection, and his Lamkin animal leather grips would then get wrapped around that tar adhesive.

Long claims not only was Nicklaus the only human he ever before saw making use of this tactic, but that it would certainly make the grips “hard as a rock.”

“If you didn’t hit castle absolute ideal on the seed of the center of gravity … if you no hit them right on the sweet spot, they’d simply go clack,” lengthy said. “Of course, he did. He hit them appropriate on the button.”