Wait, what? after ~ Jeezy and also Jeannie mai went public v their romance, some fans perplexed her for ‘The Suite Life’ star Brenda Song, i m sorry left other fans seeing red.

Jeannie Mai, 40, is a television personality, stylist, and one of the co-hosts the syndicated speak show, The Real. Brenda Song, 31, is an actress finest known for her work on The Disney Channel series The Suite Life the Zack & Cody, her dramatic turn in The social Network, and most recently, Netflix’s Secret Obsession. Among these ladies is date Jeezy, 41, and also it’s no Brenda. Soon after Jeannie and Jeezy do their relationship “Instagram Official,” Brenda Song’s name began to tendency on Twitter due to the fact that people puzzled host for the Pure Genius actress. “I wish Brenda Song and Young Jeezy all the best,” one Twitter user stated while share a clip from The Real, which set some pan off!

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“People room being racist saying Brenda tune is date Jeezy when in actuality it’s Jeannie Mai.” “Everybody mad at Jeezy and also his brand-new girl. I’m simply mad that I thought Jeannie Mai was Brenda track smh.” “I checked out Brenda tune trending & i go to check out why & yall — excellent mistaken ed she for Jeannie Mai…” an additional user tweeted, according to The shade Room. “So lengthy story quick Brenda tune ain’t do nothing wrong. Bet.” “It’s ironic that several of you room calling the end Jeannie roof for an alleged “racism” however y’all room being racist yourselves with this Brenda tune hashtag.”

Jeezy and also Jeannie first sparked dating rumors in January when her bestie Malika Haqq mutual a snapshot of them gaining cozy at Jeannie’s date of birth party. Everything was kept on the down-low for the adhering to eight months. Then, the two virtually confirmed the they were date at Jeezy’s inaugural SnoBall gala. Jeannie accompanied him as her date. The couple sealed the transaction by making your love “Instagram Official” ~ above Sept. 4.

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Jeezy posted a photo of castle together. “She love once I talk dat fly $hit…”

When you check out Brenda track trending and it’s about Jeannie roof pic.twitter.com/3eeGSZz5mo

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Sydney5601) September 5, 2019


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